Honesty, expectations and asking for help? Why are they so hard

April 2

I hope that it is no surprise to you all that I am following on from the last post. In the place I am now, writing about films, games or even books seems pointless, empty and inane when I’m struggling so much to find happiness and heal. So I wanted to talk more about my situation and what I’m finding so hard and perhaps there are those out there who can relate.

Let’s start with honesty. No, I don’t mean to go round telling your boss to shove it up their arse, or tell your girlfriend that her arse really does look big in those jeans. After all, you want to survive! Sometimes holding our tongue can be the right thing. Or how and when we say what we say can be important also. But why is it difficult to be honest about the important things? The only person who knew about how I’ve been feeling, and why, has been my partner and my counsellor. Both these guys have been helping me in their different ways. But I couldn’t bear to tell my parents, my brother and even my friends what is going on, and to date the last two still don’t know yet. It took until I lost my job for me to open up and say how I feel and it was so incredibly hard. But why? As my parents are two people who are supposed to unconditionally love me.

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Fired for having depression? The stigma of mental illness

March 30

This post is going to be very personal on a serious topic so it won’t be my usual venting, vulgar-language, type of post! So if you came for that, apologies, click off and come back when every other word is “fucking” again.

I have been away for a long time and in between a lot of my posts there are long gaps. I like to blame it on general life issues but that isn’t the truth. The truth is that I have been struggling with severe depression and anxiety, on and off, for many years. And it pains me to have to say it in this day and age, but no, it isn’t your typical teenage angst attention-seeking cry for “help”. The word depression gets thrown around in such a blase manner these days that sadly a lot of the gravity of it has been lost. It isn’t just when you feel sad. We all feel sad from time to time. It’s a natural and normal emotion. This is crying for no reason. In fact not only not just crying, but sobbing. It’s struggling to get out of bed. It’s where washing yourself takes so much effort that just doing it is an achievement.

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The Total Stupidity of Humanity: Part One!

February 20

Let me just start with this: Obviously if you’re reading my articles, you’re clearly not stupid! (wink wink!) Or maybe you are…. it’s not for me to say. And if you were, you probably wouldn’t realise anyway so don’t try and figure it out. And please don’t make any contact with the rest of humanity. PLEASE.

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The Cinema: How to be a dick in a few simple steps!

October 10

Let’s start this post with a warning: There WILL BE a lot of swearing in this post because this is about something that pisses me off. If you don’t like this, best close the page and move on as you certainly won’t enjoy what’s to come.

So…. the cinema. Most of us enjoy going to the cinema right? AND THAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM! Because most people shouldn’t be allowed in the place until they’ve had lessons in manners and etiquette. I mean, you’re going to watch a film with a load of other people who want to the see film as well so having a bit of respect isn’t a big ask.

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