May 25

So it is with the deepest regret, mostly for myself, that I find myself writing about Justin Bieber. “Bieber Fever” has reached England for some time now and is intensifying as young “tweens” across the country are falling in love with his young, bushy-eyebrowed face.

As someone over the age of 20 and a fan of rock, Justin Bieber is someone who on ALL levels I can’t relate to.  If you look at any music video of Justin’s you will see a mixture of comments ranging from complete adoration and love, (probably from young tween girls) and total and utter hate. Some of the comments even detail the writers deepest wish for poor Justin to die painfully. For me however, I prefer to be a bit more kind in my response to the young singer, even if I really am not a fan…..

My problems with Justin Bieber are many. For one, it is the fact that he may be 16, but he looks 12 and is even shorter than me.  When you see how he is dressed in his videos, I find it so hard to take him seriously.

Also, he is always singing about love. In his song “Baby” he explains how he will buy the girl a ring if it will encourage her to stay with him…… what will he buy it with, his pocket money? But sadly, we all know this boy will make more money in 1 year than the rest of us in a  lifetime.

I also have to draw attention to the video of his song “One time”. There are many things I have problems with in this video….. First of all, all his friends appear to be at least 5 years older than him!! Maybe in “Bieber-land” young adults like hanging around with children of 16….. who look 12….. but in the real world I don’t think so! Also, I cannot help but cringe at the start of the video when Usher, (yes Usher) asks him what he is doing and he responds with his girly voice, saying “I’m just playing video games with Ryan.” I mean, honestly, how do they expect me to take the rest of the video seriously, with Bieber looking all “cool” with his hood up and his skateboard (yes, skateboard), after that!!!

I know that a lot of people will use the argument that it’s just a music video so  of course it doesn’t have to be realistic….. And yes, that is a good point. I mean we don’t all slag-off Michael Jackson’s Thriller video because zombies don’t really exist. But Justin Bieber’s videos aren’t futuristic, or using stunts or zombies! They are supposed to be somewhat realistic. And of course they are mainly there to make little Justin look cool, but this 16 year old, who looks 12, who is friends with Usher, and is asked to look after his house while he’s away (are you serious?!!), and has friends that look at least 5 years older, and is wearing clothes that he is too small for….. COME ON!!!

I can’t deny though, his face is rather sweet and as someone far too old to fancy him, this sometimes makes me feel like I could mother him.

But then again, there was recently news of young Justin storming out of an interview with Fearne Cotton because she mentioned his tattoo and spent the rest of the time swearing at people backstage. Maybe he was upset because someone forgot to leave his x-box in his dressing room so he and “Ryan” had nothing to do? Hopefully the fact he got booed may teach him some sort of a lesson!

To be honest, as I don’t know Justin Bieber I’m not going to be mean about him as a person. And fair play to the guy, as he’ll never have to work a shitty job in his life. But does he really need to be that cheesy?!

Oh, and on one of his pictures I can’t help but think of David Brent from The Office…… scary!!