June 7

This post is a bit more about music, and strangely enough about me also. Last year I had the great pleasure of going to the Main Square Festival in Arras, France. One of the many benefits of having a French boyfriend who lives in France (the distance not being one of them!) is that I have the opportunity to go to this festival WITH him so I won’t get lost alone using the trains! And also he lives near to Arras which is lucky.

Last year we went to see Bloc Party as they were playing there. I won’t deny it, I absolutely LOVE them!! It was the first time I was seeing them live and I was kind of scared incase they were shit but honestly, they were amazing. I loved every second of it. Aside from that, the place is just beautiful. It is called the Main Square Festival because unsurprisingly enough you are actually in the “main square” of Arras. But all around are the most stunning buildings and those people who live in them are lucky enough to see and hear the music from outside their window, which, if you are on the top floor must be incredible. However, it was scary to watch as some of them were actually standing in their windows dancing! Here are some videos of both Bloc Party and the Main Square:

Video showing the buildings of the main square

Bloc Party – Song for Clay

Insane people dancing in the windows!

The festival itself is spread out over 3 days, with this years festival taking place over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July. Artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Pearl Jam, Florence and the Machine, Pink, Gossip, La Roux and Stereophonics will all be performing, and you can buy tickets for one specific day to see the artists you want to see the most. I hope to be going this year for the 4th to see Florence and the Machine as well as others. The link to the website for the festival is here to check out what bands play when and also to buy tickets:


As a real music lover, especially rock music, I decided to look up some of the other bands playing on the 4th that I hadn’t already heard of. One of the bands playing are called Skip The Use. They come from Lille, in Nord Pas-de-calais (same region as my boyfriend), and for all those who can’t speak French ,which shamefully includes me, do NOT worry as they sing in English! And also, they have pretty good english accents! But aside from that their music is incredibly catchy and I am desperate to see them at Arras.

They appear to be influenced somewhat by recent English rock bands, and I for one notice a resemblance to my other love, Bloc Party. But they still have that “frenchness” about them which I like. For their songs, I would recommend listening to She’s My Lady or Unbreakable, which can both be found on their myspace page. Here is the link if you’re interested:


Or alternatively, here is a link to their music video for their song “Give me your life”.

Anyway, regardless of whether Skip The Use is your kind of thing or not, there are many interesting new bands playing this July, as well as some well known artists so there is something for everyone. And with the beautiful surroundings, incredible music and buzzing atmosphere I think that everyone should give the Main Square Festival at Arras a chance.

And there are still tickets available I believe……. :)