June 8

I was born in the 80′s and grew up in the 90′s when kids TV was WAY cooler, presenters had crazy hair, puppets actually spoke english, there was a moral in most programs and there was A LOT of “gunge”. I am not afraid to be arrogant about this. It rocked. And now this plague of bullshit has arrived. Iggle-fucking-piggle. What about Huxley Pig? 3rd and Bird, not bad. Lazy Town is a perfect example of kids TV’s prime shit. The list goes on…..

I remember a time of Thundercats, you know, “Thunder, thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS!!!” He-Man, Fireman Sam (a favourite), Rosie and Jim, Playdays, FunnyBones, Huxley Pig, FunHouse, Rainbow, Mr. Benn, Thomas the Tank Engine (legendary!!), Postman Pat, Fraggle Rock, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles, Pigeon Street, ZZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPP! , Brum, The Raggy Dolls, Knightmare, BraveStarr, Words and Pictures, Teddy Ruxpin and many more! Feel free to tell me of any I missed….

The point is that the programs were GOOD then! I mean, what is this new show “In the night garden”. With Iggle Piggle, Uspy Daisy, Makka Pakka, and not to forget the guy with the incredibly creepy voice who narrates this piece of shit! I mean, this show is weird and is teaching children to speak complete nonsense. I am sure there are parents out there who will try and argue that this show has some value. Compare it with Fireman Sam and I’ll think you’ll find YOU’RE WRONG!! And here is some proof…..

Need I say more people??

And then we have the Teletubbies. I could go on all day about what is wrong with this show. Again, we have the issue of talking in total and utter BOLLOCKS! “Eh-oh, eh-oh, eh- FUCK OFF!” And what is “Tinky Winky” about? Why does he need to have a name that basically means “Tiny dick”? What is the purpose of that?! This show, and everything about it is why I couldn’t resist putting this on here ……

Honestly, I think we can all say that programs from the 80′s and 90′s were the best. What can beat Thomas the Tank Engine? Or Fireman Sam? Nowadays all these programs create this fake world where everything is perfect and colourful and everyone loves each other and for some annoying reason they all fucking SING!! Why?!! In our days we had bad guys who wanted to break the rules or start a war. We had kids doing stupid things and showing us why we shouldn’t do it. We had men like He-Man with swords and Thundercats fighting/killing the bad guys. And the good guys always won. What really is the harm in that?

Seriously, it seems that programs now are not allowed to show and prepare kids (somewhat) for the real world. Of course there are educational programs out there, but all the others portray bad characters in a cheesy way. When I was a kid the programs showed real fighting and war, and no one became a killer because of it like people seem to think these days. Actually, we were probably more intelligent afterwards having watched a program where they actually speak in a real language and came out of it partially aware that life is not always fair.

But ending on a positive, let’s watch a few intros to those amazing shows of our youth and remember why we are clearly of the best generation…… Iggle Piggle, choke on this! (and your fucking blanket too!)

He-Man baby…

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, THUNDERCATS!!

Sam is the hero next door :)

Postman Pat…. I wish my postman was like that…. sigh……

Who you gonna be today, Huxley Pig?

I loved LB :)

Good old Ringo Star….