June 17

It’s about time I wrote a new post, and as the World Cup is literally taking the world over right now I might as well write about it here!

Now, I already know that I am not going to be able to contribute any valuable information about the World Cup, the countries taking part or the players. I’m also not going to be one of those girls who pretends to know what the offside rule is, because I don’t! I’m just writing a short post on football because there aren’t many times to feel patriotic these days, but I think the World Cup is our reason!

I mean, some of us watched the Eurovision. Most probably didn’t. And UNsurprisingly enough we came last! But we already know that because of tactical voting e.t.c. What was a real kick in the teeth though? France. What did they give us? “Nil-fucking-points!” (said with the french accent!). Come on Frenchies! We were kind enough to give you 2! And should I really be writing this when my French boyfriend reads my blog? Probably not! But have I already told him off about it? YES!! At least though with the eurovision, no one gives a shit. It does make the situation a little better for us poor anglais-es.

But with the World Cup….. well I don’t follow football. I never have. But when it’s England playing I have this horrible feeling in my stomach. I’m pretty fucking nervous. I want England to score 1230199928827384729 goals and give the rest of a world a (kindly meant) FUCK YOU!! Because we’re pretty cool people :) But year after year, England are….. shite. The funniest thing being that my boyfriend tells me that in France they actually think England is an amazing team, even though we haven’t won the World Cup for….hmmmm…. oh yeah, 44 years.

Now, I know that doesn’t necessarily mean that our team is shit, but if not, why can’t we ever fucking win!! Every World Cup makes people cross their fingers and bring out their England flags and we just can’t seem to do it. And we do have some good players so it makes you wonder what is going wrong here?

And let’s be honest, do we really want France to win? (sorry, my love!) I mean, I love my boyfriend, I love his family, but on occasions like this it’s in my blood to be his enemy. England and France have always had a love-hate relationship. You know, the wars on, wars off, wars on, wars off. Well, as much as I love the people in France, and as much as they are nice to me, there is no fucking way I want them to beat England at anything! Our countries may no longer want to kill each other, which is great, but on the pitch it’s a different kind of war bitch!

And we know France have a really good team. And seriously, in my heart I am rooting for France. I will be sad if they don’t go very far which looks to be the case at the moment :( But when it’s between England and France, well, I’ll be pretty pissed if England lost!

Take a look at the rugby six nations 2010. My poor boyfriend sat in my house praying that France would lose to England so he could be spared the wrath of my raging mother. My mum was sure that during the match the referee was favouring France and basically helping them cheat their way to success. They of course won and my boyfriend wanted to crawl away and hide before she realised that one of those Frenchies was just steps away from her.

Then there was Thierry Henry and his hand. I don’t think I need to go into detail, but seriously, WHAT THE FUCK! Does anyone think that people in England and Ireland especially will ever forgive him? I really don’t think so. Just take a look at this link here:


Here you will find that France are the only country to have their own nickname….. :)

Now, I didn’t really want to turn this into an France/England thing, but in my personal situation it’s hard not to. But like I said, I’m rooting for France but if it’s between them and England, well, I’m obviously on the side of England!

But honestly, does anyone think we can do it? After so many years of disappointment even people like me, who normally have no interest in football, are feeling butterflies. In our heads we know we will probably lose, but in our hearts we are hoping, wishing and screaming for England to win!

In my opinion, I don’t think we can do it. But come on England and prove me wrong! Let us win the World Cup, let the Frenchies come second (because deep down I love them) and give us the chance to spend the entire night parading down the streets pissed chanting “EN-GER-LAND in victory!”


Sorry Frenchies, I couldn't resist! :)