July 14

This post is just going to be a list really, (with a lot of videos!) of the best bands/artists that I believe everyone should listen to before they die. Of course a lot of people will already have heard the majority on my list, but you never know, you may find something new! I will definitely be interested in hearing any I could have missed or any you think should be on the list.

So, here we go!!

(oh, and the list is in NO particular order!)

1. Queen – Need I say more!

2. Dire Straits – Money For Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, Sultans of Swing e.t.c. They rock!

3. Oasis -¬† Of their many great songs, my favourite must be “Don’t Look Back In Anger”.

4. The Clash – one of my favourite bands ever. For me, “London Calling” is one of the best songs ever made.

5. The Rolling Stones – “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Paint It Black” are my favourites. For me, they’re better than The Beatles :)

6. The Beatles – still had to be on the list though!

7. The Who.

8. Jimi Hendrix.

9. Simon and Garfunkel.

10. Edith Piaf – the French icon :)

11. Michael Jackson, obviously!

12. Bob Marley.

13. Florence and the Machine – new, but I believe they will be huge.

14. Elvis Presley – the king of rock.

15. Pink Floyd.

16. Elton John – whether you like him or not, he deserves to be in the list.

17. Metallica.

18. ACDC.

19. Bryan Adams – my mums favourite, and I must admit, he’s not bad :)

20. Prince.

21. Bruce Springsteen.

22. David Bowie.

23. Frank Sinatra – for me, he has one of the most romantic voices….

24. George Michael.

25. Alice Cooper.

26. The Platters – I love them and their beautiful voices.

27. Santana.

28. James Morrison.

29. Neil Young.

30. Billy Ocean – cheesy, but a total classic!

31. Coldplay.

32. Eurhythmics – incredible.

33. Ben E King.

34. The Pretenders.

35. Phil Collins.

36. Cyndi Lauper – amazing voice!

37. Bonnie Tyler.

38. The Police.

39. Simply Red – they have lasted for YEARS and put out some really great songs. “Holding Back The Years” is my favourite.

40. REM.

41. Kate Bush – a real music genius. I love her.

42. Ray Charles.

43. Billy Joel – “She’s always a woman to me” – a beautiful song, and I love his voice.

44. Marilyn Manson.

45. Alanis Morissette.

46. Counting Crows.

47. Red Hot Chili Peppers.

48. Bloc Party – as you already know, they are my one true love!

49. Barry White.

50. Led Zeppelin.

51. Seal.

52. Massive Attack – Just. Plain. Great.

53. Eric Clapton.

54. Aretha Franklin – outstanding.

55. The Verve – has one of the most kick-ass songs ever made. Not forgetting “The Drugs Don’t Work” which is incredible, but very sad.

56. The Stylistics.

57. Earth, Wind and Fire.

58. Candi Staton – everyone’s guilty pleasure!

59. Foreigner – pure, amazing, incredible CHEESE!!

60. Bob Dylan.

61. Dean Martin.

62. KC and the sunshine band! Seriously, everyone has to love them and their amazing happy disco music! :) Thats the way, uh huh uh huh, I FUCKING LIKE IT! Uh huh uh huh…..

63. The bee gees. 3 ugly men with voices higher than mine. And it worked.

64. Stevie Wonder.

65. Diana Ross.

66. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On! The song I mean…… :)

67. Roxy Music – “Love Is The Drug”. It sure is! Just ask Marvin Gaye, eh……

68. Neil Diamond.

69. The Cranberries.

70. Nina Simone. Incredible voice.

71. Kings Of Leon.

72. The Eagles.

73. Eminem. Not my taste, but I think he deserves to be here.

74. UB40. For when you fancy a slice of GREAT cheese :)

75. ABBA. It would be wrong if they weren’t here. VOULEZ-VOUS!!!

76. Billy Idol – He rocks. End of.

77. Gabrielle. Great voice and nice songs.

78. Fatboy Slim.

79. Mattafix – probably mostly unknown, but I think they have something special.

80. INXS.

81. Bon Jovi.

82. Gladys Knight.

83. Madness – Purely AMAZING!! And mad…. explains the name I guess :)

84. Tina Turner. Because we’re SIMPLY THE BEST!!

85. Gloria Gaynor. Because I will survive….. the french when I go for a year! haha! :) (love you frenchies really!)

86. Tom Jones.

87. Lynyrd Skynyrd.

88. Pet Shop Boys – the “roquefort” of the cheese :)

89. Jamiroquai. Genius.

90. Mark Ronson – my dads choice. I’m not convinced, but he’s on the list…… for now!

91. Paul Weller.

92. The Cure.

93. The Prodigy. Not my taste also, but I think they deserve to be here.

94. Van Morrison.

95. Thin Lizzy.

96. Ultravox – Vienna. LOVE IT!!

97. Status quo.

98. Squeeze. They are cool for cats but sadly tempted by the fruit of another. Can’t win them all, eh!

99. Roberta Flack.

100. Tears for Fears – everybody wants to rule the world :)

101. Lionel Richie – he likes it all night long.

102. Talking Heads – very bizarre, but I believe they should be on my list :)

103. T-Rex – because it would be a tragedy if they weren’t here seeing as they were dancing when they were 12.

104. Whitney Houston. Because I will always love you.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed my list and my horrific puns!

Never forget that That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh uh huh :)