August 17

This post is about something that I love……. HORROR MOVIES!!! I really don’t know when my love of all things scary started, but it was most likely from my first experience of “Robocop”. I was definitely under 10 years old, my brother 3 years older than me, so he too was too young to see the movie. But as usual, in the holidays when my dad was at work and my mum was ironing in the kitchen e.t.c, my brother would sneakily put on films that he had been banned from watching due to age, hovering by the “eject” button on the VCR, listening to the sound of our mums footsteps in order to get the video out, back in the box and on the shelf before she got to the lounge. He was so good at this to the point that now, in conversations with my mum, my brother will mention scary movies he saw as a child and is forever surprising my mum who was sure that she had done a good job at hiding these videos!

“Robocop” was indeed one of these movies we had been banned from watching and that my brother had found ways of watching anyway. I remember vividly the scene near the start of the movie, where they bring in the robot-thing (sorry, but I was under 10 when I saw it last!) for the demonstration which of course goes wrong and the poor man ends up getting shot with a shit-load of blood splattering everywhere! Not meaning to scare any of you, but I must have spent 15 minutes rewinding this scene over and over again whilst laughing as the poor guy is brutally killed. I think it was because even then I knew this kind of thing wasn’t real. When E.T had to “go home” however, I cried my eyes out. Why an “alien” having to go home seemed more real to me, I don’t know! But in case any of you have forgotten that memorable scene, I have it here for you :)

Anyway, about the list!! As a fan of horror movies for many years, I wanted to create this list which just explains what I feel are the best horror movies ever, I guess. I am sure that people may disagree with a few, or have ideas of their own (which I always welcome!) but when it comes to movies you can’t help but be subjective! So this is just my opinion, and I hope you enjoy :)

So let’s start!!!

(And the list is in NO particular order)

1. Nightmare on Elm Street – In my opinion, Freddy Krueger has to be one of the most badass, scary fucking killers in all horror movie history!! First of all, he comes after you in your dreams, when you are asleep and therefore in your most vulnerable state. Also, he uses your fears against you, so unlike Jason Voorhees, he is a clever killer. His funniest and ultimately more scary trait is his humour. Because he will laugh at you and make jokes whilst he turns you into some half-human, half-fly creature to squish in his matchbox. For the audience, it’s funny. But if someone was laughing at me whilst starting to torture me, I’d shit myself! Most importantly, and what can’t be forgotten when talking about Freddy is his vanity. Because even though he looks repulsive with completely burnt skin, he still insists on wearing his red and green striped jumper and brown fedora hat. Yes, we must all admit, Freddy is fucking cool! And as I girl, I have to say that the Nightmare on Elm Street series is reasonably rare in which with every movie it is a female who fights him AND a female who beats him, however temporarily! And even better, he can’t fucking die! Instead, according to Wes Craven in the 7th movie of the series, “Wes Cravens New Nightmare”, we are told that they must make movies about him to prevent him from escaping into reality. Then it’s definitely true. Freddy is a real fucking badass! Just don’t come into my dreams tonight, eh Fred??

2. Saw – and for me, just the first one. Because in every other “Saw” film since we’ve got used to the gore and the mind-fuck camera angles and the screaming. I’m only interested now in the plot of what will happen to the killer or what is the real agenda behind Jill Tuck e.t.c. all of which I read on wikipedia once the film has come out to save myself the bother of watching the movie. But the first “Saw” film really affected me. I’ve never been afraid of horror movies before, but I remember buying it on Sky Box Office as a teenager and watching it at home. The scene where Dr. Gordon cuts off his foot bothered me more than anything before. It wasn’t the blood, the gore or the idea. It was because it was a total mind-fuck I had never experienced before. The screaming of Dr. Gordon and Adam mixed with the fast-turning camera angles just completely fucked with my head and I couldn’t watch the rest of that scene. It totally disturbed me for days to the point where I will never be able to watch the first movie again.

3. Child’s Play – it’s a movie about a hideously ugly toy-doll thing, which I can’t imagine any child would fucking want for their birthday, that has been taken over by the soul of a serial killer who before dying (after being shot by police) wanders into a toy store in order to perform a voodoo ritual and carry on his life in a “Good Guy” doll. It was a very good choice for the killer Charles as “Chucky”, as I just mentioned, is freaky looking anyway and would probably have been scary enough without a killer bringing it to life. However, the concept alone is actually quite terrifying. Children’s toys are supposed to bring happiness to children, not put them in the same bed as a nutty serial killer! And anyone who has seen a doll-style toy knows that their eyes are freaky. You can stay up all night if it’s facing you, scared that one of its eyes could move or that if you look away for one second it won’t be there when you look back! Not to mention the fact that when it’s facing you the eyes look like they are looking right into your soul…… eeugh, just thinking about it gives me the creeps! :-/ Anyway, Chucky begins causing all kinds of trouble, mostly murder! Something that is quite laughable when you consider the size of him! One of the scariest scenes is when Karen, the mum of the boy who asked for Chucky, checks Chuckys battery compartment to see there is none in there, and suddenly Chucky spins round and insults her!  I bet “doll-style” toy sales took a dive in 1988 after that! :)

4. The Omen – to be honest, I can’t really write so much about this one. Mostly because the reason why it’s scary is obvious. The idea of a demonic child is just awful. Because children aren’t supposed to kill people. I think that “evil” children, zombie children, ghost children e.t.c are more scary than any monster or serial killer because children are not supposed to understand how to commit evil acts. I’m sure the name “Damien” went swiftly out of fashion too!

5. Shutter – One of the most tense, nerve-wracking, nightmare-inducing films I’ve ever seen. And I am talking about the original Thai version, not the American remake which I never bothered to see. From the very start of the movie the tone is uneasy and about 5 minutes in the scares begin and they just don’t stop! Some scenes of the movie have to be some of the scariest I have ever seen, especially in the scene where Tun is doing a photo shoot and the moment he’s alone the lights go off plunging him into darkness, the only light coming from the flash of his camera going off by itself, and in the split second of light we can see the ghost of Natre coming closer and closer to him. It really did scare the absolute shit out of me, which is a difficult task for anyone seeing as I am rarely ever scared by this kind of thing. And for those suffering from neck pain, be afraid……

6. Wishmaster – “3 wishezzzzz” is all I need to hear to shit my pants. Like seriously, if his evil djinn form wasn’t scary enough, the fact that he can disguise himself into the body of someone you know or even love is just plain creepy. This film did such a good job at taking the image of nice genies who grant nice wishes and corrupting it to make it pure fucking evil! It was also the fact that you didn’t even need to use the famous words “I wish” for him to do something grisly to you. One of the most memorable scenes is when Alexandra goes to see her friend to discuss the djinn, and her friend keeps asking her if she needs the heating turned up, if she’s thirsty e.t.c and when Alexandra becomes suspicious her friend turns into the djinn and you realise he killed her friend and disguised himself as her to try and trick her into making a wish and, most likely, turning it into some painful torture experience. Yup, the next time I meet someone who is just that TOO eager to please me I will run away…… but not before telling them to go fuck themselves to death. Sure I might hurt some innocent person, but after seeing this movie, you just never know. It might just be an evil djinn in disguise :-/

7. Rec – Again, not the shitty American remake but the original Spanish version. It is very much in the style of “The Blair Witch Project” only something actually happens. Angela and her cameraman Pablo are spending the night shift with a fire crew for a series called “While you’re asleep”. They receive a call about about a woman trapped in her apartment, and when finding her, she lunges at one of the fire crew, biting him and just a few minutes later he turns as crazy as her. Yes, it is one of those zombie/virus movies, but taking it that one step further. As the building is cordoned off, people arrive in hazmat suits, and they are threatened by the police outside NOT to stand too near the windows, you begin to feel as trapped as all the other residents in the apartment block as no one knows what is happening or where the next zombie-thing will come from. The scariest thing is that they are stuck in a small area with no where to escape, and as the movie begins under such normal circumstances, it makes you feel as if there is a chance it could happen to you. Not forgetting the whole “shaky” camera technique, which unlike the “Blair Witch” actually increases your fear rather than makes you feel sick. Finally, it ends with such a scary scene that it made my boyfriend scream and jump from the floor onto the sofa quicker than I could say “shit!” Fair play to the Spanish there. They even managed to freak me out!

8. The Ring – I have only seen the American remake and not the original “Ringu”. This being because I was young when the movie came out and went to see it at the cinema and at this point I did not know that it was actually a remake. However, it is in the list because even though I am POSITIVE that the original was better, I found the remake pretty damn scary. So in actual fact, number 8 here can be “The Ring/Ringu”. The whole idea of the film was scary, especially because YOU watch the tape in the movie that causes people to die! Not to mention the whole “evil child wearing white with long dark hair” thing which will NEVER fail to scare the shit out of anyone. And the faces of the victims after their deaths is totally disturbing, with their mouths open and with oddly coloured skin. But I remember the scene that frightened me the most. It was at the end, when Samara (not sure what her name was in Ringu) crawls out of the well, walks up to the TV and then begins to crawl out of it into reality. When I left the cinema I had goosebumps I was so scared. For this reason, I absolutely loved it! And I will include the original and remake trailer underneath :)

9. Hellraiser – Pinhead has got to be one of the scariest looking horror villains ever created. The incredibly pale skin, black eyes and all the millions of pins sticking out of his head and face are so horrible that if he turned up at my house I think I would just die of fright. Also, I shouldn’t forget the slightly “fetishy” looking clothes the cenobites wear which makes them just that little bit more creepy. The torture and gore in the movie is genuinely revolting and the film actually left me feeling disturbed for a few days after. And if that isn’t scary enough, let’s not forget Pinheads immortal line…… “We’ll tear your soul apart!”.

10. The Exorcist – First, we have to get over lines such as “Your mother sucks cock in hell” which have now become more comedic than frightening. Maybe that’s because us youth today have seen movies with so much CGI e.t.c that this kind of thing doesn’t scare us anymore. I, however find The Exorcist far more scary that most of the recent horror films today. One of the most scariest things is her face. The little girl, Regan, becomes absolutely horrifying to look at with her strangely coloured eyes, cracked skin, scraggly hair and nasty teeth. Then, it is the way her voice changes and the way she can speak in other languages which adds to the realism of the film. It really is like you are hearing someone else, the Devil in this case, inside the body of this little girl. With some of the scariest and most well-known scenes to date, such as the one where her head spins all the way round or the “spiderwalk” scene down the stairs, perhaps even an athiest could start believing that “The power of christ compels you!”. Incredible stuff.

11. Poltergeist – Scary ghosts coming out of your TV are definitely something to be afraid of! Especially when you’re actually watching this movie on……. yup, your TV! Having watched it with my brother at a young age when of course we weren’t supposed to, I believe this is the real reason as to why my brother and I had a sudden interest in playing in the garden outside instead of watching movies indoors! Also, I think that the scene in the movie with the clown must have been what caused my immense and long-lived fear of clowns! It was the way it not only vanished from where it was sitting on the chair, but the fact that you expect it to be under the bed when the little boy, Robbie, looks underneath it each sides, when instead it appears behind him on top of it, wrapping itself round him and dragging him underneath the bed. To this day that scene still freaks me out. If I remember rightly, it took me a few months to be able to see static on the TV without screaming like a baby and scrambling for the remote!

12. Carrie (1976 version) – Stephen King really knows how to creep you out, leading to many a movie based on his books and Carrie is just one of a bunch of King’s stories that will appear on this list. Throughout the entirety of the movie it is obvious that poor Carrie is terribly treated by her peers, her abusive religious-crazy mother and even her teachers. You just can’t help but feel sorry for her, especially when the most unfortunate things happen to her, such as when she begins her period in the school showers and all the other girls become aware of it her and tease her. As a girl, this scene was just unbearable to watch. What is even worse for Carrie is that instead of receiving comfort from her mother, she is locked in a closet and told that the blood is a punishment for sin! So at this point you are REALLY feeling for her, but yet as the taunting and abuse goes on and Carrie begins to understand that she has the power of telekinesis you begin to understand how bad this can all end and the tension just keeps growing and growing. At the prom, when the pigs blood is dropped over her and Carrie begins to kill everyone, I felt scared because of what she is capable of, but I couldn’t help but feel good as Carrie gets revenge on all the people that bullied her!! After killing her mother, and then ultimately herself when she causes her house to collapse you think that is the last of the scares, but no. There is still one more right at the end when you least expect it…… :)

13. Alien – When I used to think of Aliens, I thought of E.T. And then I saw Alien, and things were never the same again. “Facehugger” things have got to be one of the scariest creatures ever created. I mean, your face/head area is where the majority of your senses lie! You want to be able to see and hear what is happening if you are in a scary situation. With that on your face you have no idea what is happening and it’s a little too close to the brain area for comfort, thank you! Your natural reflex when attacked is to protect the face area and here we have a nasty little fucker of a creature that only goes FOR the face! I remember my mum telling me that she saw the movie at the cinema with my dad when she was in her twenties and it scared her so much that she spent the majority of the movie hiding behind my dads arm. She also said that women were dragging their husbands/boyfriends outside because they were too frightened. I think it must have been the bit where the Alien bursts out of that poor mans chest that did it for them! This movie actually brings reason to the fact that most of us hide our faces when watching something scary, eh? :)

14. The Amityville Horror – Another one of those “haunted house” movies, although what makes it so scary is that it is based on a true story, and this time it actually is instead of another publicity stunt. The movie is based on the case of Ronald Defeo Jr. who murdered his entire family one night in 1974. Defeo came up with many motives and reasons for the murders, one in particular being that he heard voices from the house that told him to. The next family that moved into the house after the Defeo’s were the Lutz family, and they fled the house after just 28 days claiming that they left because they were terrorized by paranormal activity. Either that is actually the truth, or they are just trying to make some money out of the situation, I don’t know. But if it is true, then that means that evil ghosts e.t.c do exist. That’s just a little to scary for my liking!

15. Psycho – OF COURSE I am talking about the 1960 original! That film is scary for so many reasons. First of all, the infamous shower scene is just awful. Mostly because when you’re in the shower you are incredibly vulnerable. You can’t really hear if anything or anyone is coming and you are not near anything you can protect yourself with. The worse thing was also that you could see the shadow of Norman Bates behind the curtain seconds before the murder takes place. Also, throughout the movie, Norman Bates comes across as one of the most helpful and friendly characters and his mother seems to be a total evil bitch. The house she and Norman live in seems creepy and a lot of tension is built around what is actually inside that house. What is shocking and really terrifying is when you find out that his mother is actually dead and Norman is insane, dressing up as his mother and and carrying out these terrible acts whilst keeping the remains of his mother inside the house he sleeps in!!! So for me, the most frightening thing was the idea that someone so nice and normal looking was in fact a fucking lunatic! But the worst SCENE for me is the very end scene, when the camera zooms slowly in on Norman when he is sitting in the police station. You keep hear his mum talking, supposedly in Norman’s head, and at the end he looks at the camera in a way you never saw before in the movie. It gives me chills just to think of it! So I will include this end scene as well as the movie trailer. Enjoy :)

16. Creep – If I could make the sound that “Craig” the “Creep” makes you could understand why it is so scary. Because it only seems to communicate by noises unless copying its victims to torment them. It lives in some weird, abandoned medical facility that has been bricked off for years and lies somewhere down the track of the London Underground. And “Craig” is indeed a human, but is just incredibly deformed and most likely, cannibalistic. For me, one of the scariest things about the movie was the fact that “Kate”, played by Franka Potente, wakes up on the platform having fallen asleep and missed the last train. As she runs around trying to find a way out she realises that every exit has the shutters down and is padlocked shut, so there is no way of getting out. That would be enough to frighten me already! Then a train arrives at the platform which Kate gets onto, only for it to suddenly stop a little way down and for all the lights to go off. “Guy” suddenly appears, this creepy bloke who is blatantly infatuated with her, who had followed her down to the station from a party and uses the situation to attempt to rape her. At this moment, he is murdered by something you cannot see. At first you feel relieved, and then you begin to wonder what the fuck has killed him and where the fuck is it because she is trapped there! However, the worst scene ever, especially for a girl, happens about halfway through the movie when “Craig” kills a homeless girl in some kind of abortion operation. The whole scene is awful, as the surroundings are dirty, Creepy Craig is indeed Creepy and the sounds of him cutting through her womb are enough to make you gag. This movie has made sure that I will NEVER, for as long as I can help it, use the London Underground!

17. The Descent – For those adventurous types, this may just put you off exploring caves anytime soon! The film is basically about 6 women who decide to go on an adventure trip to explore a mapped cave together. One of the women, Sarah, had recently lost her husband and daughter in a car accident and her friends feel that it would be a good idea to go to try and help her take her mind of things and bring them all closer together. However, one of her friends Juno (who turns out to be not so good a “friend”) takes them down into an unmapped cave instead of the one she had planned. When they enter the cave they begin crawling through a narrow space which begins to collapse. They all get through ok, but the way back has now been sealed off and when Juno reveals that this is not the cave they were supposed to enter and she isn’t sure of a way out, they all begin to freak out. Especially as no one in the outside world knows that they’re here and will look for them in the other cave if they don’t make it out. This is when the “Crawlers” appear. Weird, human-like creatures that have evolved to live in the dark and, of course, feed off humans too. They cannot see, instead they find their prey through their amazing sense of sound. Lots of blood, lots of scares and a bit of betrayal all makes “The Descent” definitely a film worth watching. And as it’s a British movie, don’t expect a typical happy “hollywood” ending. No, us Brits like something more realistic, even if it is ultimately more depressing :)

18. The Shining – My second Stephen King entry here, and rightly so! The Shining is bizarre, scary, ghostly, and asks as many questions as it answers. From the very start you just can’t help but feel uneasy, especially when you hear the story about the Grady family whereby the old caretaker killed his family with an axe! As the Torrance family move in everything seems fine before Jack’s mental health begins to deterioate. One of the scariest scenes is when Danny, their son, is cycling around the hotel on his tricycle thing and the camera angle is really low as you follow behind him. All you can hear is the sound of the wheels going over the wood floor, then carpet, and then the floor again e.t.c until finally he stops in front of the ghosts of the two murdered girls from the Grady family and there are split-second flashes of them dead and covered in blood in that same corridor. Well, that completely creeped me out! Of course Danny can see them because he can “shine”, just like Hallorann who explains to Danny that the hotel itself can also “shine” and is full of memories which aren’t always good ones :-/ With agonizingly long shots of Jacks face that show how crazy he is becoming and painfully freaky dialogues, it’s definitely not a movie to watch alone!

19. Ils (Them – English Title) – I saw this movie when it came out at the cinema and it was the first French film I’d ever gone to see at the cinema. Surprise surprise, of should I say “UNsurprise, UNsurprise” the Americans happened to make a film that was pretty much identical to Them, called “The Strangers”. I saw this also at the cinema and I must say, it was actually pretty good! But I do prefer “Them”. There is something about the French version that seems more real to me. It’s more dirty looking than the clean, glossy style of American movies. It’s about a couple who, after spending a nice evening together, go to bed and wake up to music downstairs and when the guy goes downstairs he finds the TV on and someone is in the house with him. As the movie progresses you find they are surrounded, with Clementine and Lucas having to fight their way to freedom and saftey. The biggest shock however is at the end of the movie, when you find out the age of the perpetrators and the reasons for their actions. That sent chills down my spine!

20. IT – The film basically revolves around the lives of 7 children who have to confront and hopefully defeat “IT”, which is some kind of evil entity that takes on the appearance of children’s fears or phobias in order to kill them. For the majority of the film it stays in the form of an INCREDIBLY scary clown! There are so many scary scenes in the movie, such as when “Pennywise the Clown” kills Georgie, or when Pennywise appears alive in the book the kids are reading and attempts to come out of the book to get them. I also found the library scene in the second half of the movie scary, where Pennywise torments Richie who is now an adult. But what is so great about the movie is more the story of friendship. All the kids in the movie were part of the “Losers Club” as children and all team together to try and destroy “IT”. They manage to defeat him by imagining things and believing them to be true, such as that Eddie’s asthma pump is full of acid and then spraying it into “IT’s” face. However, their victory doesn’t last long. The second part of the movie is set in the future when they have all grown up and moved away from Derry, Maine and lost touch with each other. Mike, the only one who stayed in Derry, rings everyone up and tells them that “IT” is back and is killing children again and asks them if are they going to come back and fight “IT” again. All of them come back because they made a pact that they would, apart from Stan who commits suicide from fear. Their final confrontation is great to watch and full of tragedy, but very scary as “IT” reveals himself in his true form. “IT” is scary enough for kids to understand that even adults have fears and unfortunately their fears are probably clowns because of this movie! The music is freaky and Tim Curry provides an amazing but nightmare-creating performance as Pennywise the Clown.

21. Jaws – Jaws has one of the most well known and scariest film scores. Everyone knows it, no matter how young or old people are which is a clear indicator of how famous and great the film is! But I don’t think I really need to go into detail about this movie as to why it’s scary! However, if you enjoy swimming in the sea it’s probably not a good idea for you to see this film! I have to say, I saw this movie as a child and to this day I have never gone swimming in the sea and I never want to! As far as I’m concerned, we weren’t made to be able to breathe under water so we aren’t supposed to go in the sea! Everyone should see this movie (if you don’t want to swim in the sea again!)…… just maybe not a second time!

22. What Lies Beneath – A lot of people slated this movie but I absolutely loved it! There are so many jumps and scares throughout it and there is always another twist coming. You really believe at the start that her neighbour is a nutter and he is beating his wife and then you’re surprised to find that she is in fact perfectly fine and happy with her husband. As things progress and she starts seeing the ghost of a woman in her bath water and in the lake by her house she begins to get suspicious of her husband until you finally find out the terrible thing that her husband has done, AND what he tries to do Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) to stop her from revealing the truth. I’m generally not a fan of Harrison Ford but I thought he was really great in this movie. Definitely one I will watch over and over and over :)

23. The Eye – A blind violinist has a cornea transplant to gain back her vision, only to start seeing ghosts of the dead. What could be more scary than that?!! I don’t want to say too much about this one as it would give everything away for those that won’t have seen it. So here are the trailers to the original and remake.

24. The Hitcher (1986) – I absolutely LOVE this movie, so I didn’t bother going to see the remake. I don’t know about anyone else, but I just feel like they should never remake a classic because even with all the new technology it’s never as good as the original. I know a lot of people find this film more of a thriller, but I actually find it quite scary. First of all, Ryder (Rutger Hauer) is clearly insane. Once picked up by Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell) he sticks a knife to his neck and starts telling him what it looks like to slice a man’s eyeball and then tells Jim to tell him that he wants to die. After Jim successfully knocks Ryder out of his car you think it’s over. Clearly it’s not for Ryder. He suddenly pops up the next day in a car that overtakes Jim, playing with a little child. After having an accident trying to warn the family that they’ve picked up a psycho, Jim starts back on the road only to find the car he saw Ryder in at the side of the road and, by his reaction, the bodies of the family within. Ryder will just not leave him alone. Appearing wherever he turns for help poor Jim finds himself trying to run from the police AND Ryder. It’s eventually clear that Ryder’s intentions are that only one of them will survive, and when you think it’s over, it really isn’t! It’s a good one for parents to show their kids as a deterrent from ever hitch-hiking!

25. Battle Royale – Another one I don’t want to talk too much about in case there are people that haven’t seen it. But it’s basically a Japanese movie about a government program named the “Battle Royale Act” in which one class within the country is selected each year to participate. The purpose of the program is for all of the students to kill each other until their is only one left. If not, they all have explosive collars on which will detonate and kill all the remaining survivors. They are based on some island and they each have maps in which they must constantly check and listen out for announcements, as if they are in any danger zones at certain times their collar will explode. Finally, they each have a different weapon, ranging from guns, to sickles, to binoculars or an axe. Chuck in one crazy guy who is only there for “fun” and you got yourself a fucked-up bloodbath. Enjoy!

26. Misery – if you have ever considered yourselves to be someones “biggest fan”, then you are just a kidnapping short of sticking a wooden block between your hero’s ankles and breaking them. Misery is an “on the edge of your seat” movie. Annie Wilkes starts off like the nicest woman ever. She saves the writer Paul Sheldon from the wreckage of his car after a crash due to a sudden blizzard and takes him into her home to look after him until the roads are cleared from the snow and he can be taken to a hospital…… or will he? Because when she finds out that Paul has killed off her fictional idol, Misery Chastain, she literally goes crazy and demands that he write another novel to bring her back to life. As more than one escape attempt fails and it doesn’t seem like he has any hope of survival, it comes down to a fight between Annie and Paul. In fact, Annie doesn’t give up anything easily as it takes so long for the bitch to die!! Kathy Bates was so amazing in this movie that my brother can’t bear to watch her in any other movie since! And James Caan does a great job as Paul. One of my favourite films ever and certainly makes you question what “number one fan” really means :-/

27. Paranormal Activity – I’m sure there may be some groans about this one as a lot of people felt like nothing really happened. I wondered if they had seen the same movie as me! The movie is a bit like the “Blair Witch Project” in as much as it is filmed with some kind of handheld camera. However, all of the action is captured at night when the camera is fixed on a tripod. I believe that my boyfriend and I spent most of the scary scenes with our hands over eyes! There is so much tension in this movie and the most simplest of things are frightening. The way that the woman would spend hours standing next her boyfriend whilst he slept in bed, or when the door moved by itself. But one of the scariest moments is when the demon drags her out of the bed by her legs, slaming the door in her boyfriends face as he rushes to save her, and drags her down the landing into a dark bedroom. There would be silence, then instant noise, or stillness then sudden movement, all making you feel completely uncomfortable and uneasy and unable to relax. Now that’s how a horror movie should be!

28. Dawn of the Dead – People trapped in a shopping mall, hiding from zombies. Any film about zombies is scary. Granted, in this movie, you don’t really need a brain to enjoy it. But still, there are zombies. Need I say more?

29. House of Wax – Another one I don’t need to say much about! What could be scarier than a man with a wax face and a creepy assistant who want to take you and turn you into a wax statue/model for their collection?!! Of others. Who were people. And are now statues. NOTHING is scarier! I would poop my pants if I realised that all the pretty models around me are dead people coated in wax! EEEUUUGH! So here is a trailer, and a clip from Bravo’s 100 scariest moments (as the trailer doesn’t show ANYTHING…. well, it was the 1950′s!). Oh and it’s only the original I’m showing, because the remake was poo. I mean Paris Hilton?? She’s probably already made a wax…..

30. Hostel – I’m a little unsure about whether I should include this one in the list as there is probably more porn in this movie than horror! But I’ve put it in because the idea of the movie and the torture is just plain nasty. I mean, a movie about a Slovakian hostel where it’s occupants are kidnapped and taken to a place where they are tied to a chair and someone, whose face is covered, can come in and kill them however they want. Quickly, slowly, cleanly, messily. You name it, they can probably do it. It’s totally sick. The most amusing thing however comes from the fact that the killers, often normal but rich people, have to pay more to kill an American. Now what does that say, eh? It’s a pretty disgusting movie, and like they say, not for the faint-hearted!

31. One Missed Call – Another short description because otherwise I will give too much away. But basically, you miss a call, you receive a voice message, and when you listen to it you hear yourself die. The only thing left after that is for you to actually die. The reasons behind it are interesting, hence the reason I won’t divulge anymore. But I’ll tell you something: it’s pretty fucking scary!!

32. The Grudge/ Ju-on – I can’t explain to you how much these movies scared me, but I must have had nightmares for a few days afterwards. And that sound that Kayako makes……. it’s awful. I must admit that the original is the better out of the two, but I’m sure that it’s not surprising! I think what is so scary is that they (the ghosts) can come for you at any time, anywhere. I remember in the american remake when Kayako seems to be chasing Susan who rushes home from work after seeing Kayako there. On returning home, scared, she gets into bed only to hear Kayako’s horrible, rattling noise before her face appears under the sheets and they both disappear. So many things in the movie are terrifying that even my boyfriend can’t bring himself to watch it! Full of jumps and scares, these movies are what nightmares are made of.

33. Eden Lake – Horrible english children ruin a couples romantic getaway. Doesn’t sound very scary, but there is just something about it that makes you feel uneasy, because it’s so realistic it could be real. And it probably has been real. But the ending is so terrible that it makes you really think about what has gone wrong with society. It’s an incredible movie that everyone should see.

34. Drag Me To Hell – I went to see this movie last year because it just looked so scary and I was really curious about how Sam Raimi would do going back to the horror genre……. and it was fucking amazing! From the moment it started my boyfriend and I had our hands over our faces not wanting to look, with me begging my boyfriend not to scream like a girl when something scary happened! He did anyway and I was completely in heaven because I really felt that this is genuinely how horror movies should be nowadays, instead of just packing them with gore for a cheap scare. It was really different than any other horror movie I’d seen before, as most horror movies have a few scary scenes and then medium to long pretty harmless scenes to further the plot. “Drag Me To Hell” however, was the opposite as there were just tense, jumpy, frightening scenes, one after the other with only SHORT half-harmless scenes to further plot. Also, there are so many moments which make you jump that you just can’t feel comfortable AT ALL, so bad in fact that when I left my back was all stiff from where I’d been tensing it with fear! Finally, it has one of the worst kind of fight scenes I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. This is when Christine is attacked in her car by the gruesome-looking elderly lady that she had pissed off earlier that day by denying her an extension on her mortgage payment. The old lady just won’t die or bugger off and she continues to fight as her eyelid is stapled shut and her false teeth are knocked flying out of her mouth! If you learn anything from this movie, it’s never piss off a grim old lady and run away if anyone dares to ask you for your button!

35. When A Stranger Calls – I personally thought that both the original and the remake were brilliant, but I will include the more recent trailer as it may be easier to find. It’s fairly easy to understand why this movie is scary! A babysitter goes to a creepy looking house to look after 2 children, only to receive weird calls from someone asking if she has “checked the children”. After looking, she sees they are ok but she still continues to receive the scary calls until she calls the police and gets them to trace the call……. only to find that the caller is coming from inside the house! There are loads of scary moments and the fight between the killer and Jill is amazing and makes you so unbearably tense. Probably not one to watch alone!

36. Creepshow – Granted, it isn’t really a “one-story” horror movie, but each of the short-stories are scary!! Probably because they are made by George A. Romero and Stephen King. And I MUST include Creepshow 2 here as well, which was just as, if not more, scary than the first one. I won’t talk about each of the stories though, just my favourites. From Creepshow 1, my favourite story must be the one called “Something To Tide You Over”. This awful story is about a guy called Richard who finds out that his wife, Becky, is having an affair with a guy called Harry. In revenge he decides to take them to the beach, to a long, empty part that he owns, and bury both of them up to their necks in the sand, below the high-tide line. He sets up cameras to enjoy watching them die as the tide slowly comes in, going over the lovers head and back out until finally they are completely under the water and, of course, die. However, revenge is certainly in store as the lovers return as ghosts only to inflict the same punishment on Richard. Not conventionally scary, but the idea of dying like that and seeing it happen in a movie makes you put yourself in that position. You can only imagine how awful it would be to see the water coming fast towards your face and there is nothing you can do to stop it! Totally one to “creep” you out. And as for “Creepshow 2″, “The Hitchhiker” has to be the most scary. Annie, a woman having an affair and rushing to get home before her husband to avoid suspicion, hits a poor hitchhiker with her car. She kills him and instead of stopping to help, decides to floor it fast out of there! However, the dead hitchhiker has other ideas and decides to chase after her, all busted-up and bloody. Annie tries everything to kill him but to no avail. The only thing being that he becomes more and more revolting each time she runs over him with her car. I won’t spoil the ending for you, so I really would recommend watching it. The scariest thing about it is not the hitchhiker himself, nor the fact he won’t leave. I think it’s his repeated and immortal line, “Thanks for the ride, LADY!!”

37. 28 Days Later – A great British movie, and for me, one of the best zombie movies out there. That is mostly because the film actually makes a zombie attack seem likely and realistic unlike some others such as “Dawn of the Dead”. And I’m not knocking “Dawn of the Dead” as it is in my list, it was just that it was very ridiculous and laughable in places although no one said zombies should take themselves seriously! But the zombies, or “Infected” in “28 Days Later” have absolutely no humour, but instead want to run as fast as we can and catch you to either a) eat you or b) spit blood in your face and turn you. There are quite a few tense or jumpy moments, such as when they need to change the tyre of their car in an underground tunnel before the running infected reach them and ultimately eat them. Also, as a girl, what is terrifying about the movie is that any female survivors are basically taken to “safety” by soldiers and made to act as whores for the other men to rebuild the population. Makes you think that you’re safer with the infected than the humans! Love, love, LOVE this movie!!

38. Babysitter Wanted – This is probably a film that not a lot of people have seen and I don’t want to say too much about it or it will give the entire plot away. So here are just the very basic, bare details…… A girl named Angie goes off to college and starts looking for a job to earn some money. While looking, she hears that a girl has been murdered in the area and the killer is still on the loose. She finally finds a job as a babysitter, however things don’t seem right. For one, she feels like she is being followed and you don’t know whether it is the guy who seems to fancy her or the strange person who you could see watching her around the campus of college, although you can never see his face. Also, it seems that the boy she is babysitting isn’t a totally innocent child :-/ Creepy and gory, it’s definitely one to watch in bed with your other half, hiding your face behind a pillow :)

39. Mirrors – I saw this movie at the cinema and it totally freaked me out! There were so many bits that made you jump with scary looking ghost-things, it was awful! Not to forget the whole idea of your own mirror image being alive and able to do nasty things to you. I can’t say too much about it without giving away the whole movie so all I have to say is WATCH IT!!!! And make sure you watch the movie at night when you know you won’t have to go to the bathroom and look in your mirror!

40. Silent Hill – It’s TOTALLY grisly and makes you jump in so many places but I couldn’t help but watch this movie thinking “This is the shit!!!”. For me, it was basically the game completely made into a movie, with the fog and everything. Even the horrible zombie-things were just like in the game! I was surprised I could even watch the movie because I’ve never been able to play any of the games. My mum got me “Silent Hill: Origins” and I got about 30 minutes in and couldn’t play anymore as not being able to see where the zombie/ghost things are is just too scary for me! Horror at its finest, for those around my age who played the games as children it certainly brings you back to your first experiences of “Silent Hill” :)

41. Jeepers Creepers – I’m only talking about the original one here because the second one totally sucked! I believe there is going to be a “Jeepers Creepers 3″ and hopefully it will be better than the second poop attempt. But I totally loved the original Jeepers Creepers movie, having gone to see it an the cinema when I wasn’t old enough to actually see it because it was a “15″! That was back in the days when they didn’t really bother to check your age so you could go and watch a movie that traumatised you without any questions! Anyway though, what I loved about the movie is the way that they really made him look like a man for a lot of it as you couldn’t see the Creepers face. Because it could drive and you see it chucking dead bodies down a pipe, not to mention his hat and long grey hair, you really thought the thing was a man! Then you find out it’s some freaky fucking monster that smells in your fear something it wants of your body, like your eyes or lungs and then eats them in order to see or breathe! On the plus side, it can only come after you every 23 days, every 23 years. On the down side, it doesn’t stop until it gets you! Normally though, I’m not a fan of movies where there is some kind of killing monster as so many have turned out shite, but the Creeper is “Creepy” by name and “Creepy” by nature. And, if that wasn’t fucking fantastic enough, it doesn’t look like he can die! It just gets better and better, eh? :)

42. Audition – a Japanese horror movie, so you just know you’re about to watch something totally fucked-up but yet you can’t help but carry on watching it. It’s hard to choose a worse scene, between the one where we see what is in the sack Asami has on the floor in her empty apartment (with only the sack and a phone, it seemed) or the one where she is cutting off Aoyama’s foot with a wire saw and sticking needles in his stomach and under his eyes. Both were unbearable to watch. However, the worse thing about the movie is that such a nice-looking young woman could do something so awful. But defintely one of the most DISTURBING scenes is when the man in the sack crawls out, revealing that he has no feet, 3 fingers and 1 ear missing. On begging for food, Asami just vomits into a bowl which he then eats……. In the words of my disgusted, angry father (when he saw my brother and I watching this) “IT’S SICK! IT’S SICK!”

43. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  (1974) – It must be one of the first horror movies where you have a psychotic killer family. And of course we have here the iconic “Leatherface”, the wonderful killer who wears the facial skin of a previous victim. Yeah, no one ever said he was a looker! I don’t think I need to say anymore. Just watch the fucking movie :)

44. The Mist (2007) – Another one I went to see at the cinema and I truly love this movie. As terrifying as the creatures are out there in “The Mist” (and the spider things really are awful!!) I think the scariest part of the movie is that some of the survivors begin to change whilst hiding out in the local supermarket. Crazy Mrs. Camody begins creating followers from the group to believe that what is happening is Armageddon and sacrifices Private Wayne Jessop before demanding that they sacrifice David’s (our protagonist) son. But the shocking thing of all is the sad and depressing ending, which is totally “un-hollywood” and that is a reason enough to love this movie!

45. The Others – This is another one I went to see at the cinema when I was in my early teens. I remember leaving the cinema with goosebumps after realising the twist at the end of the movie. I used to think that maybe this reaction was because I was in my early teens when I saw it and not as desensitized to horror as I am now, but I have since watched it when I was 19 and I had the exact same reactions and feelings. Even though there is no gore, or ghosts that look terrifying and violently attack people, it is still incredibly scary. This is probably because there is no gore or terrifying killer ghosts! The ghosts in the movie are not who you think they are, and the humans aren’t either! People you thought were dead are alive and those you thought alive are in fact dead. Not to forget the constant fog that surround the house, which, from previous movies and games like “Silent Hill” should have taught us that “fog” doesn’t often mean a good thing, and it makes you feel totally uneasy. There are a lot of jumpy moments but it’s the creepiness of the entire film that prevails and makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It’s really a movie that bends and twists the ideas of what we know to be real and what isn’t. It’s a clever scary movie that leaves you just as creeped out WITHOUT the need for blood and guts to fly over the screen!

46. Wolf Creek – Basically, 3 backpackers are travelling around Australia. They decide to drive out to Wolf Creek and explore the crater that had been formed by a meteorite. However, when they return to their car to leave they find that it won’t start. Suddenly, a truck appears and a guy named Mick introduces himself and asks if they’re ok. After hearing their problem, he offers to tow their car to his camp to repair the car, to which they accept. Both Liz and Kristy (the 2 female backpackers) are slightly concerned by Mick’s manner, but their friend Ben, (the other backpacker) is not as concerned. Liz then wakes up, tied up in a shed and unsure of what is happening. All she can hear are Kristy’s screams coming from another shed, as Mick as in fact torturing her. For me, one of the best things about the movie is the character of Mick himself. He has such a strong Australian accent which sounds fun and jovial. With this kind of accent you don’t expect him to be a cruel serial killer! And his behaviour is like a deranged Steve Irwin. You want to laugh, but everything about him is just so fucking evil that you can’t. This officially put me off going anywhere near the Australian outback for life!

47. The Silence of the Lambs – Not sure I even need to say anything about why this movie, or its sequels are scary! And I don’t really want to as I’m sure my description will only make the film seem nowhere near as good as it is. But it’s in the list because Hannibal Lecter has to be one of the best serial killers ever created, and Anthony Hopkins is so good in the role that even though the things he does are awful, you can’t help but like him. Definitely a classic not to be missed!

48. Candyman – One of those movies based on an urban legend, similar to that of “Bloody Mary”. So, if you say “Candyman” 5 times in a mirror it will summon him, although you will lose your life in the process. Well, as usual, some stupid bitch decides to summon him and lo and behold, the Candyman appears! Normally I would run a mile from this kind of movie but “Candyman” is the only urban legand movie that I have actually enjoyed. Tony Todd is great as the Candyman, probably because he is so fucking tall and has that really deep voice! And for me, both those things made him endearing and fucking scary! But the scene with the bees has got to be the worst for me, probably because I am completely terrified of bees and when they are all over him and coming out of his mouth it really made me feel bad and flinch at the thought of it. Oh, and this is the second entry that has come from the UK author Clive Barker. You wonder how he can come up with such fucked-up killers! Ah, he makes me proud to be British! :)

49. Orphan – Weirdly dressed, creepy looking killer child. Hmm….. do I really need to explain why this movie is scary? What I loved about the movie is that it is always on the borderline between thriller and horror, mostly staying on the thriller side and then all of a sudden it steps over into horror before quickly stepping back before you can register what’s happening. But the twist is one that will stick with you long after the film.

50. 1408 – I’m not going to say much about this film as I don’t want to give away anything for those that haven’t seen it. It’s the kind of movie that you really do need to watch without any idea of what will happen. All I will say is that it is about a author called Mike Enslin who goes to supposed haunted homes/hotels whatever and then writes on his experiences. On hearing about room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel in New York from a fan, he decides to stay there as his next project. However, Samuel L. Jackson who plays Gerald Olin, the hotels manager, has other ideas and refuses to give permission for Mike to stay in it, claiming it is an “evil fucking room” and shows him pictures of all the people that have died inside it. Of course, Mike manages to to persuade Olin to let him in. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! From this moment on, it all goes downhill. The effects are incredible and John Cusack is brilliant as he has to deal with a lot of emotional issues in the movie. I absolutely loved it! And it’s true, it really is an evil fucking room!

51. Halloween (1978) – I wonder whether anyone thought I had forgotten this one? But who could forget “Halloween”. Michael Myers has got to be one of the most well known and most loved horror villains ever created. For me, he is one of the “mighty 3″, which are Freddy Kruegar, Jason Voorhees and of course, Michael Myers. These 3 are the most badass killers ever! (in my opinion, of course!) But lets get down to talk about Mr. Myers here. First of all, he is described by his psychiatrist as being “pure evil” which is obviously necessary if you want to become one of the scariest killers in horror. He also has racked up a HUGE amount of victims, so he’s not one to be messed with! And when you finally see him in “Halloween” he is wearing a mechanic’s overalls and a pretty creepy mask which makes his eyes look totally black, and the worst thing is that the mask does look a lot like a human face, yet it’s too white and colourless so it looks more like a corpse. Despite this, I do like his wild hair sprouting out behind the mask! But I wouldn’t want to stick around to tell him! He also likes to kill all his victims with a kitchen knife and if I’m honest, with his dead-looking-face mask, incredible height and the wonderful wild hair, he is actually pretty fucking scary. A lot of people have argued that he is the ultimate, number 1 horror villain because he has “no weakness”. Well, Freddy Kruegar may not like fire and Jason Voorhees may not like water but by the look of it Michael doesn’t like bullets nor being stabbed in the eye with a clothes hanger! And if I’m not mistaken, none of them seem to be able to fucking die! No matter what you do. And Michael just temporarily vanishes for a few years before reappearing again. So as much as I have a lot of love for Michael, Freddy is my favourite. That doesn’t mean though I would like to encounter him! And the fact that he kills you in your own home makes it seem like it could happen! I do wonder what he is doing in the years that he is missing though…… Maybe he goes on holiday, as all that killing must surely tire him out! :)

52. Friday the 13th – “ch, ch, ch, ch, ha, ha, ha, ha” means run because Jason is fucking coming!!! Jason Voorhess is our next killer, or in the first one, his mother. What a mother he has that she will murder any more teens that come to Camp Crystal Lake to avenge the murder of her son who drowned in the lake and wasn’t saved because 2 camp counselors sneaked away to have sex. The most scary scene is at the end when Alice, the only survivor, is floating on a boat on a lake where you believe she is safe when an ugly/grisly Jason jumps out from the water and drags her into the lake. However, we find out that she does survive, and when asking about Jason is told that they never found a boy. And as we know from the sequel, it’s because Jason is still out there ready to kill! One of my favourites, Jason Voorhees is yet another horror killer that can’t die but forever rises from hell (perhaps) every time a new group of teens come to the camp. I have a little soft spot for him though, I must say. Yes, I know he is grim behind that pillowcase (part 2) and Hockey mask, and yes he does has a fucking huge machete that he murders people with, but I just feel sorry for him. He was bullied as a child, pushed in a lake by his bullies which caused his death, and his death could have been avoided if the teens working at the camp didn’t sneak off to fuck! So Jason now kills any teen that goes to the camp. For Jason, it seems that he is killing people who he believes are immoral, who are normally the teens that drink and fuck each other. I can kind of understand him. He doesn’t kill THAT nice people, does he?! Poor Jason :( Maybe if I was his friend he might be nicer, I don’t know. But for me, I just can’t help but feel for him. But then again, he is killing people. And even though Freddy is my favourite, I still wanted Jason to win in the “freddy vs jason” movie. He kills out of emotional reasons, more than Freddy and Michael, so he is definitely the one with the biggest heart! It’s just a shame it’s a dead one! :)

53. ALL the “Evil Dead” films – I am a MASSIVE fan of the “Evil Dead” series. The blood, the gore, the possessed and of course “sweet Henrietta” make the movies absolutely hysterical and yet absolutely terrifying! And of course Bruce Campbell is a total legend! In the first “Evil Dead” we have Ash, his sister Cheryl, Ash’s girlfriend Linda, his mate Scotty and Scotty’s girlfriend Shelly who all go to a cabin in the woods for a holiday. After listening to a tape recorder of a guy speaking from the “The Book of the Dead”, Cheryl is hypnotised, goes into the woods where she is raped by a tree, (yes, raped by a tree!) only to come back as a deadite, stab Linda in the ankle with a pencil and have to be locked in the cellar. Her face turns disgusting with these horrible yellowy eyes. Next to become a deadite is Shelly who unfortunately has to be dismembered by her boyfriend and, once dead, we can see all of her cut off limbs twitching on the floor. Then it’s Linda, who is completely deranged as a deadite, laughing all the time and tormenting Ash. Finally he does us all a favour and cuts the bitch’s head off. And finally, we have Scotty who we don’t really care about who tries to leave, comes back and becomes a deadite! I can’t even describe all the blood to you, some green or black, but there is fuckloads of it! And after burning the stupid fucking book, we think it’s over until the very end cliffhanger scene! And then we have the second movie, where the daughter of the guy who was talking from the “Book of the Dead” on the tape recorder shows up only to think that Ash has killed her parents. He is then locked in the cellar to confront “sweet Henrietta” who scared the fucking shite out of me after bursting out of the floor! Not to forget a girl getting an eyeball flown into her mouth. And if that wasn’t enough for you, then check out the third one where Ash is transported far back in time to eradicate the deadites. More comedy than horror, Ash’s personality really begins to shine here. In the first Evil Dead the movie was totally serious and so was Ash as the poor guy has to experience the deadites for the first time and kill his girlfriend and sister. In the second, he has some humour as he’s probably going insane, but in the third he must be so fucked off with the situation and such an expert on killing deadites that he is really is fucking funny! The movies, despite the big gaps in years between them appear to be set over a three day period, with each movie representing one day. And it really works like that! The movies are so amazing that 2 games have been made from them, both with Bruce Campbell actually doing the voice for ash, and yes I am sad enough to own BOTH games! Sam Raimi has certainly made these absolute classics, creating some of the best lines I’ve ever heard in my life. “I’ll swallow your soul” being one of them, but the most kickass, badass, funniest and most amazing must come from the third movie, “Army of Darkness” to which he, having been sent to the Middle Ages, tells the crowd around him who have never seen a gun in their lives, “This, is my BOOMSTICK!”. Yup, you just can’t get better than that, baby!

54. The Sentinel (1977) – This is my last (real horror) film in my list and I don’t really want to talk too much about it as it’s so amazing you have to watch it without knowing the twist at the end. Basically, a fashion model moves into an apartment in a brownstone building only to find that her neighbours behaviours are bizarre and that the reason behind this is terrifying! Also, she wants to discover why the blind priest on the top floor apartment is always watching out of the window……. This film really goes to show that fancy effects and CGI mean nothing as even to this day it is seen as a scary fucking film with one scene even featured on Bravo’s “100 scariest movie moments”. In actual fact, my mum even told me that after seeing it with my dad at the cinema when it came out, they couldn’t sleep that night without putting their chest of drawers in front of the door! So if you feel like not being able to sleep in your home tonight, it’s certainly the movie for you! :)

55. High School Musical – Ok, ok, not conventionally a horror movie but let me explain. Plastic, sickly/gooey faced American teenagers suddenly dancing simultaneously on a whim whilst looking at each other as they fall in love in the most nauseating way possible is actually my idea of hell. Not to forget all that “team spirit” and “friendship” bollocks in all of these self-righteous cheese movies. If those people acted like that ANYWHERE else in the world they’d probably not enjoy the reaction! The only way these movies could get any worse (which I know is hard to imagine) is if Justin Bieber joined the cast! High School Musical is included in the list of horror movies as I believe it could perhaps cause voluntary blindness for those forced into watching or a possible death due to laughing. Here is a trailer for those who can handle such a vast amount of crap! Look out for the vomit-inducing part of the basketball game. “Just know that I believe”…… Haha! :)

And if you really dislike “High School Musical” then check out this link here:

Sooooooooo, that is my list! I hope that you enjoyed it and of course, if you think there is any I have missed LET ME KNOW!!

And also, thank you to those who read me for your patience in waiting for this article. It was pretty quick choosing what movies would be on my list, but pretty long having to write them up! This is mostly because, as with everyone, you may remember the plot of a movie you watched 5 years ago but you probably don’t remember the names of the characters or what some of the key scenes were, so for each movie I have had to research all these little things so you can actually understand what I’m talking about instead of sounding like a mumbling twat.

But mostly, what took so long is that after spending 3 hours writing about killers or gruesome murder scenes you begin to feel a bit homicidal yourself, so there were lots of breaks inbetween, some of a few hours and some a few days just to stop myself from going crazy! So thank you again for your patience! I’ll try to be a bit quicker in future :)