March 18

The title of the post is bizarre I know, so before I start I’m going to tell you what the fuck I’m going on about!

There has been a kind of “trend” going round on Facebook which a lot of people are joining in on called the “30 Day Song Challenge” where each day you answer one question, such as “What is your favourite song”, “Name a song from your favourite album” and so on. I haven’t taken part in this on Facebook because I don’t have the patience to only do one song per day and also I can’t be bothered to do it on facebook! But I really liked the idea because each question requires an answer that is personal and unique to the person answering, so I thought I would make a blog post of it.

HOWEVER, some of the questions I found stupid or vague or too difficult to answer and I noticed that there were people making up there own questions e.t.c, so I decided to take the questions I liked from the different challenges and make my own mix! Hence the fact that it is not a “30 day” challenge, but “41″….. Well, it’s more of a “41 song” list…. but I know there will be more songs than that! :)

So here is my list showing each question, answer, and why I give my answer :) And before anyone jumps down my throat, my answers are personal to me so if you don’t agree that’s fine but don’t complain if I don’t choose songs that maybe someone else would! So shut it.

1) Your least favourite song:

Ok, I know that this question should probably follow a question about my favourite song, but I just don’t have a favourite! There are so many songs that I love that I just couldn’t choose! However, a song I dislike doesn’t seem so difficult to find. So my least favourite song would have to be “Pink – Get The Party Started”. I was at school when this song came out all those years ago and everyone loved it….. except me! I hated the song then and I hate it now. The music annoys me, the lyrics bore me (your typical “yay! let’s party blah blah blah”) and the constant repitition of “I’mmmmmmm coming up, so you better get this party started!” makes me want to smash whatever is playing this piece of shite song! As for Pink, I actually like her as a person and some of her songs do make me laugh. Let’s not forget the masterpiece “Stupid Girls”. But for “Get The Party Started”… just noooooooooo….

2) A song that makes you happy:

This is an incredibly tough one as there are plenty of songs that make me happy. I guess one of them would have to be a song by Fred Astaire. I am a massive fan of his, and even when he sings sad love songs he always makes me smile. One of my favourites is called “Never Gonna Dance”.

Another song that makes me happy would have to be “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by the great Cyndi Lauper. Not one of her best I must say, but as a girl you can’t feel anything but happy when you hear this song! So hear it is:

3) A song that makes you sad:

Again, not an easy one. Throughout the decades there have been a huge amount of sad songs, many of which I love and many of which make me sad. So having to choose a certain one(s) is something incredibly hard for me. I managed to narrow it down to just 6 and YES, I know that is a lot but I couldn’t get rid of any of them and only have one. The first out of these 6 is “The Smith’s – There is a light that never goes out”. I can’t say why, I just find the lyrics subtle, honest and beautiful, and the meaning of the song is so sad. So here it is:

The second is “See You Soon” by Coldplay. I know people would normally think of “Fix You” or “The scientist” when it comes to Coldplay’s saddest songs, but as I mentioned before I like subtlety in sad songs. I think also that “see you soon” gives a feeling of hope unlike many other sad songs which is why it is at the top of my list.

After that, it has to be “The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work”. It’s again very subtle and also very moving. The mood is so sombre, and yet when he sings “I know I’ll see you’re face again” it also gives a feeling of hope unlike other songs. Possibly overshadowed by “Bittersweet Symphony”, I personally find “The Drugs Don’t Work” to be their best song.

For more of a cheesy but still sad feel, I have to choose “The Cars – Drive”. Despite it sounding SOOOOO 80′s, I find the music, the singer’s voice and the lyrics incredible sad. It makes me think of complete loneliness. It’s still able to make me feel sad despite hearing it millions of times. Here it is:

Then, it’s an abolute classic. One that I just couldn’t possibly NOT choose is “Who Wants To Live Forver” by “Queen”. I don’t think I even need to explain why this song is sad.

And finally, a song that can’t be forgotten: “Sinead O’Conner – Nothing Compares 2 U”. Everyone knows this song. And if the lyrics weren’t sad enough, I think the beautiful video is.

4) A song that reminds you of someone:

Moving on from the sadness, we have a question I was looking forward to answering! There are many songs that remind of different people and I’m going to share them with you now :)

There are too artists that remind me of my mum. The first is Kate Bush. When I was a child and my mum would pick me up from school there would always be a Kate Bush cassette playing in the car. “Babooshka” in particular reminds me of her, although I’m not sure why! But here it is:

The second artist who reminds me of my mum would be Bryan Adams. I think she has to be one of his biggest fans. And when I was living with her you could always tell when she was ironing as Bryan would be playing. So here is one of her favourites:

Any song by “The Lighthouse Family” reminds me of my dad. When I was a child and we would go on holiday by car we would have to endure hours of their albums. I thought that time was over, but obviously not! So here is one of their songs.

Taking another trip into the 90′s again, we have “Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You”. This song reminds me so much of my brother. My brother and I both grew up through the 90′s, so any song from this decade is pretty much from our childhood, but this song in particular my brother incredibly loved and now whenever I hear it I think of him! :) So here we go:

“Feeder – Just A Day” reminds me incredibly of my best friend. We used to listen to it in our science classes (when we were allowed!) and would spend many moments with it playing full blast in my car with us both singing along as loud as we could! I still love this song :)

And finally, a song that reminds me of my boyfriend. He must be the biggest fan of “Back the the Future” ever! And whenever this songs plays he always sings along! I think it’s obvious what song it is……. here we go! :)

5) A song that reminds you of somewhere:

The “somewhere” would have to be “Bourton on the Water” in England, and the song would have to be “Babylon” by “David Gray”. When I was a child, my family went on holiday there. It took around 5 hours to get there by car, 5 hours going back home, and there were a multitude of hours inbetween as we drove around the county visiting. All those hours included non-stop David Gray. And since this moment I feel only rage when I listen to his music. So for the first and ONLY time on this blog, here is “David Gray – Babylon”.

6) A song that reminds you of a certain event:

Ok, so the event was my school prom. (yes, we have those in England!). And the song was “I’ve had the time of my life”. I remember making bets with my ex-boyfriend on whether the song would be played or not……. and it was. What a cliché, eh!

7) A song that you know all the words to:

Following in the footsteps of my mum, I know all the words to “Bryan Adams – Heaven”. I like to think that it’s my mum’s fault from playing it all the time. Secretly, it’s just because I like it!

8.) A song you can dance to:

I don’t listen to dance music as I’m more of a rock music fan. But I think a lot of Blondie’s song make me want to dance. So let’s have a bit of “Blondie – Heart Of Glass” :)

Oh, and who doesn’t dance to “Daddy Cool” by “Boney M” :)

9) A song from a band you hate:

I have tried numerous times to like this band and I just can’t. I hate their songs. I hate Axl Rose’s voice. Guns n roses and I are just not meant to be. Oh well!

10) A guilty pleasure song:

First of all, it has to be pretty much anything by Billy Ocean. He’s so cheesy, I know, but his songs are often so happy and fun! Especially “Caribbean Queen”. So here it is!

And my other guilty pleasure song would have to be “Love is a battlefield” by “Pat Benatar”. It’s total cheese but I totally love it!

11) A song that describes you:

This one was a bit tricky as it’s difficult to find a song that describes you without sounding like an arrogant tosser. So, I chose instead songs that describe things I have felt. The first song is a sad one. It’s “The Things You Said” by “Depeche Mode”. The song is so good at expressing disappointment and how it hurts when someone important to you lets you down.

The other song is something a bit happier. It is “Survivor” by “Destiny’s Child”. In all honesty, I am not a fan of their’s nor do I even particularly like the song. However, I chose it as I think it is a great song for expressing how to move on after someone bad has affected your life.

12) A song from your favourite album:

I don’t really have a favourite album as there are many that I love, but one of my favourites is Kings of  Leon’s “Because of the Times”. The song I love the most is “knocked up”. Everything about this song is heaven for me! I don’t think I will ever get sick of it.

13) A song you listen to when you’re angry:

To be honest, I don’t really get angry. Well, I do I guess, but when I’m angry about something it is normally shortlived and I kind of skip past the anger and go straight to being upset! But for me, a great song to listen to when angry is “Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall Part 2″. The lyrics tend to cheer me up a bit :)

14) A song you want to play at your wedding:

That one is actually easy! It’s going to be “Coldplay – Yellow”. It’s sweet, romantic, un-cheesy and not nauseating. Perfect!

15) A song you want played at your funeral:

It has to be “Edith Piaf – L’hymne a l’amour”. I think it is one of the most beautiful songs in the world. And if I go first, I want my husband who I leave behind to be comforted. I think the line “God reunites those who love each other” will do the trick! :)

16) A song that makes you laugh:

Again, an easy one. Well, I have two. First is “Baltimora – Tarzan Boy”. It’s so cheesy, but so fucking amazing!

And the other is “Pitbull – I Know You Want Me”. It’s is so shit! And I find it hard to believe that anyone would like that greasy, sleazy, awful bloke. But the song is so shit it is hilarious. However the thing that makes me laugh the most about this song is the way my boyfriend dances whenever it comes on. He even jokes that this will be our wedding song. Well, only if he agrees to dance to it! :)

17) A song you can play on an instrument:

I COULD play this song on the clarinet, but sadly no more……. :)

18) A song that makes you feel guilty:

Well, there isn’t really any song that makes me feel guilty! But in a more general sense I would say anything from The Police. I mean most of their songs are about sin! Hmmmm, maybe they’re the ones who feel guilty!

19) A song from childhood:

It would be easy to go for the Spice Girls but I’m going a different route. When I was 11 and at primary school everyone was singing this. It’s “S Club 7 – Bring It All Back”. It was shite then and it’s shite now. Now sing it with me! “Don’t stop! Never give up! Hold you head high and reach the top!”

20) Your favourite song from this time last year:

It think it was “Bloc Party – One More Chance”. And now I’m going to get stuck listening to it again! :)

21) A song you’ve heard live:

Back to Bloc Party again! The loves of my life! :)

22) A song from the year you were born:

Right, let’s all take a trip back to 1988! Yes, we have plenty of George Michael songs (shudder!), Rick Astley with “Never gonna give you up” and my enemy, Guns N Roses. I was tempted to put “Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls (Need love too)” (Dear GOD!) but I went for “Poison – Nothing but a good time” :)

23) A song no one expects you to listen to:

That would be “Kiss – God Gave Rock And Roll To You”. When my brother found out I liked this song he asked me if I was a lesbian. I am not, by the way :)

24) A song from the last album you bought:

The last album I bought was “Tourist History” by “Two Door Cinema Club” and my favourite song from the album would have to be “Something Good Can Work”. Enjoy! :)

25) A song you air guitar/drum to:

I think I would have to go with “Money For Nothing” by “Dire Straits”. The start of that song is fucking amazing!

26) A song that makes you cry:

I don’t normally cry because of a song, but there are 2 that do make me weep a little. One is “This Woman’s Work” by “Kate Bush”. Aside from the sad lyrics, the way Kate sings that song is so beautiful and moving.

The other song is “I Will Wait For You” by “Connie Francis”. It isn’t just that the lyrics are sad. It is all because of fucking “Futurama” and that scene with Seymour the dog. I cried like a baby because of that and have never watched the show since. Now I can’t even bear to hear the song without welling-up :(

27) Song you first heard in an advert:

That irritating song “1,2,3,4, blah blah blah, blah”. I think it was from a car advert…… anyway, it still annoys me.

28) Song you first heard in a film:

That would be “Berlin – Take My Breath Away”. I heard it in “Top Gun” of course, when I was a child, and despite it’s cheesyness I actually like the song :)

29) A cover version you think is better than the original:

Well, I’m a firm believer that the original is always better that any cover. Although, there are exceptions and I would say Jeff Buckley’s cover of “Hallelujah” is better as it is a lot more emotive.

And on a more recent level, I would say I prefer Ellie Goulding’s cover of “Only Girl In The World” than the original that Rihanna did. I hate the original and even if I’m not a fan of Ellie Goulding I think she sings it really well. It’s a song of hers I can actually say I like! Wow… shocker!

30) A song with a person’s name in:

For that one, I choose “Layla” by “Derek and the Dominos” :)

31) Your favourite music video song:

I really love the video for “Virtual Insanity” by “Jamiroquai”. It’s still impressive to watch even now. And I like the song too!

32) A song by someone who is now dead:

That question is a bit morbid but here goes! I’m going to choose “Cheek to Cheek” by “Fred Astaire” as I love him. Deal with it. :)

33) A great song from the 60′s:

There are a lot to choose from in this decade, but I’m going to go for “Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade Of Pale”. It’s a classic. ‘Nuff said.

34). Your favourite love song:

That’s difficult as there are so many great love songs out there! I do like “The Platters”, especially “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” and “Only You”. When you listen to their music it’s like you are transported back in time. And the lead singers voice is incredibly romantic.

35) A great song from the 70′s:

This is a tough one for me…… Do you choose Disco or Rock? I’m going to choose both :)

First we have “Gloria Gaynor – I will Survive”. I don’t think there is anyone in the world who doesn’t know this song!

There was also “Kc and the sunshine band” with the classic “That’s the way I like it”. Again, is there anyone in the world who does not know this classic?!!

And finally, moving towards rock, we have “The Clash” with “London Calling”. “The Clash” have got to be one of my favourite bands, not to mention the fact that they make me proud to be English :)

36) A song with your favourite lyrics:

I absolutely love the lyrics to “Know Your Rights” by “The Clash”. They are so powerful and so true. I love the sarcasm, the music, absolutely everything about it. It’s a fantastic song. “This is a public service announcement – WITH GUITARS!” :)

37) Your favourite Beatles or Stones song:

Well, I’m not really a Beatles fan. I much prefer the Stones. But for a favourite song of theirs I’m finding it hard to choose between “Paint It Black” and “Jumping Jack Flash”. So let’s have both! :)

38) Your favourite lesser-known album track:

I think this would have to be “Gangster Blues” by “Mattafix” from their album “Signs of a Struggle”. They are so underated and it’s wrong because they are really amazing. “Gangster Blues” is probably one of my favourite songs ever. I won’t hear it for a while, and then when I do it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time all over again. Awesome.

39) A great song from the 80′s:

This is tough as there were so many amazing songs from the 80′s! There was “The Police”, “Eurhythmics”, “MJ”, “The Clash” e.t.c. For this question I’m going to choose 2 songs.

The first is “U2″ and “With Or Without You”. I really love this song even if I’m not a huge fan of U2.

The other song is more fun…… it’s “Word Up” by “Cameo”. It’s such an amazing song! Everyone has to love it! :)

40) A great song from the 90′s:

Simple. “Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger”. My fave song from them.

41) And finally, a song from a band of your home country:

Well, it wouldn’t be England without Queen :)