August 17

It was Jean-Paul Sartre who said “L’enfer, c’est les autres” or “Hell is other people” as us Anglophones understand it and he couldn’t be more right. I’m getting to the point now where I’m starting to lose faith in humanity when I see the fucking dickheads that live near us and piss me off on a daily basis.

There are the people that race past our window on their annoying, small motorbike/moped whatever the fuck they are things that make a high-pitched shrieking noise like they’re in pain. Not that deep noise you normally associate with motorbikes. No, that fucking wailing sound. The road that they race down is narrow and has houses all down it. Kids play in it (I’ll get to that later!) and people have to walk down it to get into town from the car park at the bottom by the church. Basically, there are always people on this road yet these arseholes race down it at speeds so high that if a kid ran out in front of them, they’re both dead. What is wrong with people? It’s like they’re so busy trying to show off how loud their bike cries when they ride it thinking it’s cool that they forget to slow the fuck down to avoid killing people. Pricks.

Then we have this guy who goes out with a girl who lives across the street from us. He has a motorbike too (what a surprise!) and when he turns up to see his girlfriend he parks underneath our window and then loudly revs his bike for about 5 minutes to show his girlfriend how much of a man he is! This makes our flat stink of bike fumes and makes me want to force my boyfriend to piss out the window on his head. Then, when he leaves, he spends 5 minutes yet again revving his bike over and over while going nowhere, again probably to show him how much of a man he is. Or that he must have a big cock because he’s so great at revving a bike. I don’t know how big a dick he has and I’d guess it’s probably small given this pathetic macho routine he goes through, but I do know how big of a dick he IS: Fucking massive. Mission accomplished wanker.

Then we have the people that seem to like having family reunions in the middle of the street. Sometimes they leave their front door open, actually put some chairs and a table in a street and make the street an extension of their homes. They then all sit outside shrieking and swearing.  How about you don’t do that? Put your fucking shit back in your shitty fucking house and shut the fuck up? And it’s worse when you have to go out and walk through them all and they at you like you’re walking in their home. For them, they probably think that because their feral kid shat on the pavement it’s theirs. It’s not the law of the jungle! Where’s a shit load of hungry lions when you need them……

But these people don’t need to put their own furniture in the street for their family reunions. Sometimes they all just congregate outside shouting for 30 minutes. It’s like with people like this, they forget how to actually talk. They only know 2 volumes: silence and screaming. 2 people can be standing right next to each other and yet they stand there screaming to each other so the whole fucking street can hear. Guess what! No one gives a fuck what you’re saying! Shut the fuck up!

We had an issue with this just a few days ago. A girl was sitting outside on the pavement crying. Now, if something horrible had happened to her or her family, her boyfriend had dumped her, whatever, that sucks and I have sympathy. What pissed me off were her 7 friends, all female, who were outside for 30 minutes doing nothing but shrieking at the top of their lungs and laughing. It was so bad that someone across the street actually shouted out the window for them to shut the fuck up.

I mean, what the fuck is happening in the world? It’s like everyone decided that they were bored of being polite and respectful and instead want to act like complete and utter fuckers to make the world an incredibly annoying place.

Regardless of their reasons, I’m fucking sick of the lot of them. That’s all. Rant over!