November 14

It’s been too long since my last post again and it’s not acceptable really. I’m pissed off with myself. But in my defence, it isn’t all my fault. Not long after my last post I went away for what was meant to be 2 weeks and became forever. I then had 4 health problems crop up all at the same time while away, came back still having to deal with them only to find a leak in our home that needed dealing with. Then I had to go away again only to have something else go wrong with my health while away which genuinely lead me to believe I’m cursed and is still bothering me now. And being perfectly honest, that’s not everything. But I have to cope because until I’m dead I have no choice really! So sorry for being so fucking useless in general. I’ll try to make up for lost time.

Anyway, this first post isn’t going to be very long perhaps (and then I write a novel!) but just something to get the old moaning juices flowing.

I bought a new phone recently. My poor little htc was on its way out and it was time to start looking for another one. Not something easy when you’re ‘monetarily challenged’ or as I like to call it, fucking poor. This meant that I had under €200 to spend so it was already going to be tough to find a decent phone in that price range. Then you add in the fact that I could really do with a dual sim phone and the search becomes nigh on impossible.

If I’m honest, I don’t understand a lot about technology so my requirements were simple: 8 megapixel camera, front facing camera, nice looking, decent and fairly fluid screen. That’s it. Well in my price range we found 2 and 1 had no front facing camera and the other had a front facing camera but the back camera was only 5 megapixel. So after all those hours of looking to find just those I wanted to scream.

I should probably mention now that I was looking specifically for an android phone. I love the look of windows phones but they have very little apps compared to android and you have to pay for some apps that are free on android. And apart from the fact that all their phones are out of my price range, I wouldn’t buy an iphone even if someone paid me to choose it. I hate Apple and refuse to pay for their products that are complete and utter rip offs. I’d love to slag them off fully but I don’t want to go off the point too much here so I’ll save that for another post. For now, we’ll just leave it at the fact that I fucking hate Apple and the way they fucking rip people off at every fucking opportunity.

Anyway, so yeah, I had fucking lost hope at finding a decent phone until I found the one I have now which I love! It’s the Acer Liquid E2 dual sim version and it has a front facing camera, 8 megapixel back camera, fluid screen, 2 sims and all that. For those interested in the real ins and outs of it, have a look here:

The best bit was, it was under €200, like I needed :-)

But fucking hell, finding a decent review about it online is like pulling teeth as was it with the other phones I looked at in my price range. I mean, I’m not a fucking idiot. I know some people are, but still, I think most people like me know that for under 200 whatever we’re not going to get a phone as good as any high end phone that will put you back around 600. It’s fucking common sense. So when I look up reviews for phones under 200 the odd comment about how it doesn’t match up to the new iphone is fine but really what I want to know is how it compares to other phones in my price range so I can know which phone will give me the most for my money. Instead what I saw in a lot of reviews (not all) is a phone under 200 being constantly compared to ones around the 400 mark so the phones under 200 therefore sound shit. That’s not fucking helpful! That’s just stating the obvious. It doesn’t tell you if the phone you want under 200 is a rip off or a bargain! It just tells you that you’re dealing with a fucking moron who obviously never has to budget when they buy a phone so therefore treats all cheaper phones with contempt. It’s fucking irritating!

So to anyone who does that, fucking stop it!

Anyway, I intend to write a lot more articles soon and not procrastinate too much on Fallout New Vegas or Max Payne or GTA and so on and so on! Oh and Batman Arkham Origins which I’m finding fucking painful to finish :-/ Anyway, when I’m not playing these games I hope to write about them, slag them off, talk about tv shows and characters that annoy me and everything else in life that pisses me off! So bear with me and we’ll let the moaning continue :-)