January 12

So another year has gone by and in my case, 2013 wasn’t that great. Among a myriad of problems that never seemed to end the year ended on an incredibly shitty note as my boyfriend and I experienced a loss in the family, just 3 weeks before Christmas. Unsurprisingly, Christmas wasn’t the happiest time this year. And then I was sick right over New Year which pretty much summed up what a shitty year it had really been. So here’s hoping that 2014 will actually bring us some happiness and good news because I think we deserve it! So that is why I’ve been absent for a couple of months.

I am back to writing and am already working on a new post that will most likely be published in the next couple of days. I have other ideas for other articles too on games, tv shows, films, life and new things that really piss me off so stick around if you enjoy lots of moaning and foul language!

Anyway, the purpose of this little post was just to explain where I’ve been and say that I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and I hope you’ll all have an amazing year full of good times where all your hopes and wishes come true!

All the best for 2014!

Miss Freckles :-)