January 17

It’s a New Year! 2014! So what does everyone decide to do? They decide to pick something they love doing and vow to do less of it as it’s bad for the health. Or they pick something they hate doing and vow to do more of it because it’s good for the health! And it’s always the usual: eat less bad food, exercise more, drink less e.t.c. But do most people stick to them? No. Eventually as time goes on they start tucking into some pizza, a glass of wine after a shitty day and before they know it the resolution is long forgotten.

No one ever makes a resolution to do more fun things! Spend more time with friends or family, do something you’ve always wanted to do. And we all should, because wouldn’t we be more likely to stick to it? You can still eat better and exercise less but also keep a resolution that above all makes you happy!

Me, I love writing. Writing shit on my blog, writing poetry, writing lists! But my own laziness and procrastination keeps me from doing this as much as I’d like. So I’m going to make it my resolution to write more often, no matter what it is I’m writing.

But let’s be honest: the real reason we probably don’t keep those health-related resolutions is because they’re too vague. Exercise more. Yeah, but what form? How often?

So, as well as picking a fun resolution we should pick a health one and make it as specific as possible. And that’s what I intend to do. As well as saying I plan to write more, which I do, I plan to reduce my stress and improve my overall happiness. And I have a specific plan in place to achieve this. But first, why have I chosen this resolution?

If a worry gene exists I was most definitely born with it. Since as far back as I can remember I have worried about everything and nothing. Not just the usual stuff: exams, work, family stuff. All silly little things. Forgetting my homework. Presentations. Missing the bus. Did I lock the door? Did I lock my car? My knee hurts slightly – is it something bad? Plenty of other even smaller things I have forgotten about. I have an amazing ability to go from calm to completely panicked in a second over something completely insignificant. And then I worry and worry and worry for days about it. And then I add to that my other amazing skill of being able to take one tiny problem that most people just shrug off and deal with and turn it into the worst problem ever encountered by anyone!! Within 5 minutes I will have thought of the worst that could happen, made it 100 times worse with my imagination and then convinced myself it will come true. And then I panic for days waiting for it to come true. It never does.

I don’t know if it is because I already have shit to deal with on a daily basis with my health problems which I wrote about in a previous post. But I feel like whereas most people are far from the edge and so can cope with the small things that crop up, I already have a lot on my plate bothering me. I feel like I’m permanently on the edge. So the small things most take in their stride tip me over the edge and into ‘I can’t cope!’ mode. As a result, a tiny health issue, money problem, something breaks and it’s truly the end of the world.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that I’m also a very cynical and pessimistic person. For me the glass is half full, with a hole in the bottom, and what it’s half full of is piss. My immune system is atrocious which again is probably not a surprise.

I’ve taken a good few stress tests and my stress and anxiety levels are pretty atrocious which is funny as I don’t have a lot really to be stressed about! So I thought it’s time I probably do something about it.

The plan is simple: to reduce my stress and anxiety I intend to read a book, do all the exercises in it and see if that helps. I bought a book on mindfulness which includes many meditations and tips on dealing with stress. Mindfulness is even recommended by GP’s now as a resource against stress. So I’m going to give it a go. And as my resolution is fairly simple, to read a book and do the meditations, I think I’ll be able to stick to it!

Anyway, I’ll keep everyone posted. And if anyone wants to tell me about their resolutions this year, leave it in the comments section and good luck! :-)