February 1

The fact that I’m a gamer is all my boyfriend’s fault. Before him, I hardly played games at all and had never upgraded past a PS2 which I used for watching DVD’s. Now I play all sorts of things on my xbox and would probably cry if it broke!

And just to clarify, I said gamer. Not girl gamer. Because the only girls who call themselves ‘girl gamers’ are just attention-seeking sluts who take pictures of themselves licking controllers and sticking them up their muffs to get boys to give them attention. And these girls tend to only buy games like COD as they have a greater chance of getting a bloke to flirt with them, lead him on, get an ego boost and move on to the next. And the name pisses me off as no one is cleverer or more special just because they play games and have a vagina in their knickers instead of a cock. It’s not an achievement! Just play games like everyone else and stop giving us normal girls a bad name!

Anyway, unexpected rant over, Skyrim is stealing my life. Thanks to my boyfriend I have found myself loving about a million games I would have sworn to anyone I’d hate playing. I finally finished ‘Fallout New Vegas’ after 120 hours of gameplay, choosing the side of the amazing Mr House and with nothing else to play, my boyfriend suggested Skyrim. I don’t like Sci-fi. I don’t like fantasy. I love Mass Effect. I love Dragon Age. I clearly hate logic and the obvious because it seemed inpossible that I would like Skyrim.

But I tried it. And within a short amount of time I went from moaning that the map is too big and I don’t like fighting with swords to screaming ‘Eat my arrow bitch!!!’

I am a Khajiit because I like sneaking, pickpocketing, killing people with a bow and arrow or dagger, basically being an assassin. Not to forget getting annoyed when my boyfriend, who always plays as a dark elf, constantly asks me if my Khajiit (NOT CAT FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME) would like him to rub her belly because ‘cats like that’. Arsehole.

Anyway, I swear to god this game is stealing my life! I’m only 40 hours in (only!) and I’ve hardly done any of the main quest as the side ones have tempted me away and now I am generally procrastinating with EVERYTHING because this fucking game has sucked me in! So the post I’ve been trying to write for a while is going nowhere and Skyrim is to blame.

So because I’m not getting anywhere fast with this post but I didn’t want my blog to go without no post for ages, I’d thought I’d write about why I’m taking forever to get anything written. And for those wondering why I didn’t spend the time I spent writing this post on the other one, it’s because the other one is long and detailed, not just the usual rambling and moaning like this one!

I have a mission to finish so this short post is over! Hopefully I’ll finish my bigger post within a week. In the meantime, it’s back to Skyrim! If anyone wants to let me know what race they play as and why, leave it in the comments section! I’d love to hear about it :-)