November 27

Sorry to anyone that reads for my absence. It’s been a LOOOOOOONNNNG time. Too long. But I’ve had a lot on my mind recently. I’m busy a lot more as well since I’ve started volunteering at the social centre (Karma bonus! yeah!) and there’s been quite a lot of issues that have jumped out from nowhere and caused us a shit-ton of grief. Luckily we seem to be passed those and I really hope it lasts!

I’ve also been trying to live a healthier lifestyle which includes eating well and exercising more. I actually love exercising now. At the start it was a real pain but now I love it! The eating better though….. I love healthy meals. They’re wonderful. And I’m not overweight so I don’t gorge on takeaways and grease all week. BUT sometimes I do miss pizza! And lots of cheese because I LOVE cheese!!!! So it can be hard to pretend I really love the rice and veg dinner when I’m craving croque monsieur!

Anyway, I’m back again! And I’m starting a new post the moment this one is posted so enjoy!

It feels good to be back :-)