March 4

I have always loved horror films. My first experience of something slightly frightening was when I was 5 years old and my 8 year old brother had sneaked the VHS of Robocop into the lounge and put it on. That opening scene, where the robot shot the guy to death, made me laugh so much that I insisted on rewinding and rewatching it over and over until my mum came in to see what was happening and quite rightly went fucking mental.

Now, before you think I am completely fucking warped (only a little I swear), the reason I thought it was funny was because even then I knew it was fake. In my little 5 year old brain, I thought that the fake blood was ketchup and that was amusing to me.

Despite my lack of fear, horror films have always had a special place in my heart. I love the stress, the anticipation and dread of what’s to come. I love to jump and go home and sleep with the light on because I’m scared of what I’ve just seen (this has only happened twice however!). I enjoy reading creepy stories on Reddit and freaking myself out at bedtime.

I have seen many horror films in my life and continue to watch new ones as they come out. It’s for this reason I have decided to write a new series called “Shit Yourself Saturday” (or Sunday if I’m busy) where I talk about classic horror, old and new films, the crappiest to the best. All in my opinion of course!

So join me each week if you dare! And try not to have nightmares ;-)