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“Haunted London” by Richard Jones. A book review!

March 10

This is my first post in a while…… naughty I know, slaps on the wrist and all that stuff.  I have been busy travelling home and back for family matters, injured myself a few times and am right in the middle of the annoying and stressful process of moving home. But I am here now with my new post, a book review which I am happy to be writing.

The book is called “Haunted London” by Richard Jones and is published by New Holland Publishers. Before I begin talking about the content, I want to say a few things about the look of the book itself. What I like about it is that it isn’t big or heavy as a lot of books of this type can be. It is a well-made paperback book, with 128 glossy pages full of pictures of buildings or places rumoured to be haunted as well some photos of actual ghosts! The front and back cover are well-presented, with the back cover explaining some information about the content inside the book and about the author. The great thing about the look of this book is that I believe it could even appeal to cynics! It definitely isn’t one of those books you see hidden in that creepy corner of a bookshop where you dare not ever go! And at only £9.99 it’s a bargain alone, even without the 20% discount code I’m going to give you!

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“Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut” by J.A.Kerswell – Book Review.

October 29

Before I begin my book review, I would just like to apologise for the big gap between this post and my last. I was recently asked if I would consider doing a book review so I have been spending most of my days reading! However, it’s definitely an experience I’d consider doing again.

The book I am talking about is called “Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut”, published by New Holland Publishers and written by the author J.A.Kerswell who is also the founder of the slasher movie website “Hysteria-Lives!”. Seeing as I have a love for all things “bloody”, I don’t think I could have received a book more interesting on the subject of murder and mayhem nor better written and researched than this. For just £15.99 (but I have a discount code for you) and with 208 pages of detail on the best, and of course worst masked, deformed or inbred psycho killers and slasher movies across the decades, it’s not something to be missed by film students or just plain slasher fans alike. Not to mention that for such a big book, the fact it is paperback makes it a lot easier on the knees when trying to read on your lap on the sofa!

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I am a girl who likes to write. Not particularly about anything informative, just about my life. I write about what I like, what I hate, and anything else I think of that I want to say. I like poetry and renaissance plays, but that is not just who I am. I would like to be a poet, but that does not mean that everything I write will be a poem. It is just a blog for me to take the habit to write, whether it’s poetry, fiction or just  plain bullshit. C’est moi, et c’est tout!

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