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Why driving makes me RAGE!!!!

May 28

Back to the old rant style videos! Let’s ruin my blood pressure a bit and get stuck in to why driving makes me rage and why at least 80% of people should just be banned from the road. As mentioned previously, I am a buddhist, or at least a buddhist in training because no matter how much I know I should have compassion for others, that people aren’t annoying on purpose e.t.c, the moment I get in my car and come face to face with any of the fuckers in this list it all goes out the window and all I feel is hatred and rage! I know that I should look at my mind and see why this triggers me and I probably will but I’m not perfect and right now I need to write this post and spew my venom nonetheless. I’ll take the karma hit on this.

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The Sister In-Law

November 27

For a while I’ve been trying my best to be a buddhist. In some ways, it’s not hard. Fundamentally it’s about being a good person, being compassionate and kind to others and learning to be happy yourself and let go of the past. And that is just a really shitty summary! So please go and check it out properly! But anyway, as I said, in some ways it’s not hard. Wishing happiness for most people in my life is very easy. Keeping the precepts is easy. Not killing bugs and insects and arachnids is a bit harder. Wishing happiness and showing compassion for some other people is hard. Doing that for my sister-in-law is IMPOSSIBLE! And if I try, my mind is telling me ‘you don’t mean that, you liar!’

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Insomnia. i.e, my brain is trying to kill me

May 12

I suffer from insomnia. Not all the time. I’m luckier than most! I can go through nice long periods of sleeping wonderfully and then all of a sudden, not at all. Or very poorly! The problem only started a couple of years ago and I can’t say why for certain. If I had to guess it’s that seeing as I have poor health (which has deteriorated) and slight OCD which I spoke about in a different post which has made me lose a lot of my ability to cope with the everyday stuff, I’m not able to cope with not sleeping as well. Especially when I need sleep to feel well.

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Pain and illness – how to survive them?

February 2

I don’t know how to survive pain and illness. Hence the question mark in the title. Or I guess I do in some way as I’ve been sick before and I’m not dead so I obviously found a way……. So maybe this post is more about finding a BETTER way to survive them because letting myself get so bad I tell my boyfriend I want to jump out the window probably doesn’t help!

Let’s start with pain! I don’t have a good tolerance for pain. Actually scrap that as I suffer every day so I must have a good tolerance of it. In fact, I have a low tolerance of EXTRA pain. I wrote a post a few years ago on my health issues but I’ll just summarise quickly for those who haven’t read it. I have a health condition which means my connective tissue – the stuff holding joints and all that shit together – is too loose. It’s a collagen defect. This means more injuries, dislocations, subluxations, other health problems and general pain and fatigue.

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I am a girl who likes to write. Not particularly about anything informative, just about my life. I write about what I like, what I hate, and anything else I think of that I want to say. I like poetry and renaissance plays, but that is not just who I am. I would like to be a poet, but that does not mean that everything I write will be a poem. It is just a blog for me to take the habit to write, whether it’s poetry, fiction or justĀ  plain bullshit. C’est moi, et c’est tout!

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