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My favourite TV Shows so far…..

June 19

I’m going to prepare you for this one. It’s going to be long! I wanted to write a post on some of my favourite shows that I’ve seen or am seeing so far. Some are recent, some are old, some are quite possibly the best shows ever made and one or two may be shows I just love for sentimental reasons.  There will be some shows missing from this list. I haven’t seen (yet) The Wire, The shield, Homeland and some others so if you don’t see these in the list, this is why. Remember, this is my opinion only and we all feel differently about things. However, if I have missed a show and you think it is one worth seeing, please let me know about it in the comments. I appreciate any suggestions on how I can happily while away the hours of my life! Just to clarify, the shows are more drama based, not comedy as I feel like comedy shows should have their own list. I might do a post later on my favourite comedy shows so watch this space!

DISCLAIMER: There will be SOME spoilers but I will try to be somewhat cryptic so as not to give everything away.

Anyway, let’s kick things off with my number 1…..

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France and England: The Frogs vs Les Rosbifs

February 19

So this post is a bit of a personal one for me. Being English and in a relationship with a Frenchie I have become incredibly more aware of not only French culture but of my own too. Add to that, it suddenly makes me infinitely more patriotic, even when it comes to sport I really don’t, nor will ever, give a shit about. Perhaps some old angry feelings from our ancestors live in us all in some (obviously less violent!) way. When England has been knocked out of some rugby, football, cricket, whatever competition and we’re asked to say who we want to win, the answer is always the same: Anyone but the French! And that’s probably the way Wellington would want it.

And yes, our 2 countries are now allies. But allies doesn’t always mean friends! Well, that’s a bit harsh. I mean, and of course this isn’t true of all French as you have aresholes in every country, but from my experiences French people seem to love England! Not necessarily our politics and attitude to Europe, but our music. Our TV. A Frenchie friend of mine has a flat where nearly every single object in there has a Union Jack on it! When I saw it I actually felt guilty as my flat has only about 2 UK related objects in it. I mean, he is more patriotic than me and he’s French! There are shops everywhere with English names. French bands have English names and sometimes sing in English. And let’s not lie, my fellow English. We like their wine. Their food. Well, some of their food, snails aside. Not to mention their quality of life. Seriously, they have it so much better over there because they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. It’s like secretly we both like each other but we dare not ever say so because we each think the other hates us. Which they don’t really. We’re like kids at school!

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Skyrim, the life-stealer!

February 1

The fact that I’m a gamer is all my boyfriend’s fault. Before him, I hardly played games at all and had never upgraded past a PS2 which I used for watching DVD’s. Now I play all sorts of things on my xbox and would probably cry if it broke!

And just to clarify, I said gamer. Not girl gamer. Because the only girls who call themselves ‘girl gamers’ are just attention-seeking sluts who take pictures of themselves licking controllers and sticking them up their muffs to get boys to give them attention. And these girls tend to only buy games like COD as they have a greater chance of getting a bloke to flirt with them, lead him on, get an ego boost and move on to the next. And the name pisses me off as no one is cleverer or more special just because they play games and have a vagina in their knickers instead of a cock. It’s not an achievement! Just play games like everyone else and stop giving us normal girls a bad name!

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The Mass Effect trilogy: Best games for 50,000 years!

April 21

**Just a warning, this post is FULL of SPOILERS about the Mass Effect trilogy so if you haven’t played the games and want to, DO NOT CONTINUE READING!**

I have done a few posts about video games already, about Bioshock, Dead Rising and others, and here is yet another post about video games. It may seem a bit odd that I’m pointing this out but for me it’s actually quite surprising! Before about 2010, I hadn’t played any video games since about 2001. When I was little I used to play Rayman, old Spyro games and Klonoa and sometimes I play them even now because of the sentimental feelings I have about them. But other than that, for about 9 years, I didn’t play any. I had a Playstation 2 I used to watch dvd’s and that was about it. I would never have considered myself as a gamer. But then I got into a relationship with a real geek and a gamer, got an xbox, he gave me games and told me that he knew I’d love them and I never ever believed him. Everytime though I said I’d give each game a few hours before stopping because I wouldn’t like it. Most of the time however, I got sucked in and finished every single one. Now, I have played so many (and some of them multiple times) that I think it would be a total lie to say I’m not a gamer!

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I am a girl who likes to write. Not particularly about anything informative, just about my life. I write about what I like, what I hate, and anything else I think of that I want to say. I like poetry and renaissance plays, but that is not just who I am. I would like to be a poet, but that does not mean that everything I write will be a poem. It is just a blog for me to take the habit to write, whether it’s poetry, fiction or just  plain bullshit. C’est moi, et c’est tout!

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