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The Total Stupidity of Humanity: Part One!

February 20

Let me just start with this: Obviously if you’re reading my articles, you’re clearly not stupid! (wink wink!) Or maybe you are…. it’s not for me to say. And if you were, you probably wouldn’t realise anyway so don’t try and figure it out. And please don’t make any contact with the rest of humanity. PLEASE.

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The Cinema: How to be a dick in a few simple steps!

October 10

Let’s start this post with a warning: There WILL BE a lot of swearing in this post because this is about something that pisses me off. If you don’t like this, best close the page and move on as you certainly won’t enjoy what’s to come.

So…. the cinema. Most of us enjoy going to the cinema right? AND THAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM! Because most people shouldn’t be allowed in the place until they’ve had lessons in manners and etiquette. I mean, you’re going to watch a film with a load of other people who want to the see film as well so having a bit of respect isn’t a big ask.

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A “How To” Guide for Brits coming from England to the Main Square Festival, Arras, France. (With Maps!)

March 11

A year or so ago I received a message from a guy asking me about the Arras festival. He had read a previous article of mine about my experiences there and so asked me if it is possible to stay for the very last act as normally the trains and buses don’t run after a certain time. Unfortunately, I received his message during a difficult period for me and I couldn’t get back to him. However, because of this I decided to do a “How To” guide for any Brits coming over from England for the festival to answer this question and give advice on your options to be sure you get the most out of the festival.

For anyone that doesn’t know, the Main Square Festival runs every year in the summer, usually the end of June/start of July and runs for 3 days. It is held in Arras, Pas-de-calais (France) and is easy to get to from Lille or Calais, making it perfect for any Brits who fancy a festival abroad. Check this video out to see who is playing this year.

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My name is “Any-Popstar-Sheep-You-Like” but you can call me “Totally-Fucking-Pointless” : When alter ego’s and 10 minute music videos of cheesy-shite go wrong and music goes to the shitter…

July 30

A long title, I know, but I just couldn’t sum up my feelings this clearly in less words. And YES, we are back to some good ol’ moaning! What do I hate today?? Well it is the surge in “alter egos” in music today that fails to grasp what I believe the whole point is of the “alter ego”, not the mention the surge of 10 minute music videos that don’t fit the song at all but who fucking cares because I’m odd, quirky, interesting and arty (thanks Lady Gaga) or 10 minute videos that are just incredibly embarrassing and cheesy with acting so terrible I am physically blushing for the artists! (Katy Perry, and, well Gaga again).

Maybe I’m old-fashioned or just plain weird, but when I think of alter egos in music I think of there being a change in music style than the usual and (perhaps) a change in appearance that reflects the change of music that is actually serious and not just an over-the-top, cringeworthy and stereotypical creation that Katy Perry has inflicted on us recently. Take Ziggy Stardust for example. I mean, I’m not a Bowie fan (just a personal preference!) but one of his talents is his ability to reinvent himself and Ziggy Stardust was hugely successful as an alter ego. However, recently Katy Perry, Beyonce and even Justin Bieber have ventured into creating alter egos which in my opinion is not only disastrous but to be honest I think that we could all do without as they are, let alone with them creating other identities to torture us with.

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I am a girl who likes to write. Not particularly about anything informative, just about my life. I write about what I like, what I hate, and anything else I think of that I want to say. I like poetry and renaissance plays, but that is not just who I am. I would like to be a poet, but that does not mean that everything I write will be a poem. It is just a blog for me to take the habit to write, whether it’s poetry, fiction or justĀ  plain bullshit. C’est moi, et c’est tout!

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